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Kerry flip-flop video

from the kerry-at-his-best dept.
Yes, it's true ... some folks out there don't see John Kerry as a flip-flopper. Well, after watching this video I'm not sure that anyone can still argue that point.

I just can't get over how shameless Kerry is with his blatant lies about his position on the use of force in Iraq. "Flip-flop" isn't even the correct word to describe what we're seeing here. He's lying. He's a liar. He tells everyone what they want to hear--constantly changing his ... views whenever opinion polls indicate that he's holding the wrong cards in his hand. He's actually not changing his views though, because it was a pretend opinion he had in the first place. Who knows what the guy really believes. He won't even tell us. All I can conclude from Kerry's behavior is that he's a liar--an extremely power-hungery liar.

What's his motive behind this obsession with getting to the White House? Kerry doesn't seem to value the truth at all, which would imply that he doesn't value justice either. And if he doesn't value truth or justice then what other reason could he have for wanting to be the most powerful man in the world? Hmmm ...


I really wanted to watch this but it wouldnt load. I even tried a few times in a row. Is this supposed to have picture? It had sound, but I couldnt see anything. It was powerful enough just hearing what he said though. Even after things like this come out, people will still get out and vote for this guy.

yes......I think

My computer recently got wiped out so I am not sure what I have. I did download a codec for Windows Media Player and it worked eventually (sort of). It kept freezing but I got the gist of it. I really liked the way that they used the calendar to demonstrate when he said what.

the video

Yeah Jen, I guess something is misconfigured with your player. Did you try all three formats? (Real, Quicktime, and Windows Media) Do you have the newest version of those players?