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HBO to air series about Utah polygamist

from the mormon-stigmas-in-prime-time dept.
Thanks to Tom Hanks and the good folks a HBO, we'll have another great drama series next summer called "Big Love," about a Utah polygamist and his three wives. The Salt Lake Tribune is covering the story.

Having grown up in the "mission field," I've answered my fair-share of polygamy related questions ... it's gotta be about the first thing people ask when they find out that you're a "Mormon". It seems that no matter how much we try to inform people of the Church's official outlawing of the practice more 110 years ago, the message never sticks. Yep, the media loves to talk about "Utah polygamists," which to most people translates directly into "Mormon polygamists."

Now, the network which brought us such critically acclaimed ... hits as "Sex and the City," will be doing us another disservice with "Big Love".

On second thought, what if "Big Love" finally helps us to inform people about the Church's real stance on polygamy? It could potentially turn into a good thing if Tom Hanks and HBO do things right. I have a lot of respect for the movies Hanks has been a part of, so maybe he'll do a good job with this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.

Thanks to Times & Seasons for the heads-up.

Home Box Office Rocks!

I'm not too sure which angle this show is going to take, but I'll definately be watching it to start out with. I cannot say how good HBO original series are... they are fantastic, so it's bound to be at least a little entertaining (at least until Sopranos comes back in January 2006). Now, I get the feeling that you are dissing Sex AND (not in) the City, have you ever seen Sex and the City... it's mainly a show about single women, not so much sex, with the exception of Samantha. It's actually quite good as well. But, about Big Love, I think I'd have to watch it before I can comment about wether it's going to be good and/or educational or not.


I never seem to get that name straight ... I finially thought I had it straight with "Sex and the City" but then the Salt Lake Tribune's article called it "Sex IN the City" which made me think I was yet again wrong about its name.

In addition to "The Sopranos," HBO earned critical acclaim with "Six Feet Under" and "Sex in the City."

"Sex and the City"

I thought I would read up on Sex and the City since I'm iggnorant on the topic. I found an article called Modern Woman as Love Machine: The Post-Feminist Landscape, as Projected by 'Sex and the City', which was an interesting read. The guy made some good points ... here are a few:

On "Sex and the City," there are few if any consequences to sleeping around. We’ve seen no scenes of the assorted paramours trading details of their encounters with the women, clueing each other in as to how best to bag one lady or another. Concepts such as restraint, decorum, reputation and (watch out!) feminine virtue are scarcely mentioned.

HBO claims that 93,000 girls aged 12–17 watch the show, often with the approval of their parents, which perhaps explains why parents are irrelevant these days. As a 16-year-old wrote to Sarah Hepola of the still-esteemed New York Times, "I am so Carrie!" This is apparently a phenomenon worth celebrating in the nation’s paper of record, which neglects to mention the stake they and others in the media have in propagating the values inherent to "Sex and the City." ... Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of young women in less cosmopolitan locales are getting the subtle message that sexual promiscuity is not just cool and fun, but absolutely essential to marrying up. And men are learning that marriage is for suckers. These lessons, internalized, will comprise the core values for this and succeeding generations of Americans, further impairing their ability to sustain the promise of America in these dangerous times.

Yeah, i'm too lazy to expound on anything he says here but I just thought I'd share.