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Temple items for sale on eBay

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mason writes: "The Daily Universe is running a story about a UVSC student name Chris Waldon who is auctioning off temple clothing and a temple recommend on eBay. He's supposedly an active member of the Church and yet sees nothing wrong with it. Evidently eBay allows the sell of anything that isn't illegal and so nothing can really be done to stop him." After searching for the auction all I could find was a listing for the recommend but not the temple clothes. Here's a quote from his listing: "Ever wanted to go in a Mormon Temple but never had the ticket needed to enter?" ... Wow. UPDATE: It appears that Waldon has been forced to withdraw his auction because temple recommends are legally the Church's property.

How can anyone really think t

How can anyone really think that that is okay? If he just wants to share "Mormon Memoribilia" with people, why doesn't he just give it away? It sounds like money is the driving force behind this guy's motives. And by the way, did anyone notice that in the article he said it's not a big deal because it's an expired recommend, but in his eBay listing he advertised that the recommend would get someone in? There's definitely something wrong here.

What I think

He shouldn't have a temple recommend in the first place. He needs to go and have a serious conversation with Heavenly Father and then his bishop and stake president.


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Re: Temple items for sale on eBay

This is an email I sent to Chris:

Hello. I am writing in response to the recent account of selling your temple paraphernalia on eBay such as your old temple recommend, temple clothes and other items. I have to admit, I am frustrated with the fact that you are wanting to make a profit on your old temple clothing and recommends. It is outrageous that you would defile such sacred clothing by allowing anyone in the public to buy them from you at the highest bid. Are you aware of anti-Mormon groups who would love to get these items only to defile their sacredness. Do you understand the sacred work that goes in the temple?

Why is it that you enter the temple with a recommend? It is because only worthy members can attend such a sacred setting. With that, the clothing worn is also sacred and must be kept sacred.

Can you think back to the first time you were given garments? Do you remember the talk one of the temple patrons had with you on the importance of wearing the garments correctly and treating them with sacredness? I vividly remember how I was told to be very meticulous about how I handled, wore and treated my temple clothes and garments.

Do you honestly believe that selling your temple clothes to a highest bidder, most-likely, a non-member is appropriate? If it was appropriate, don't you think that President Hinckley himself would sell his own temple clothes on eBay if he thought it was appropriate? Or maybe the Church would have Walmart make these sacred clothes at a lower price and so anyone can buy them? The answer is no! The reason only the Church makes and sells temple clothes and garments is because they want ONLY worthy members to wear them.

Let me enlighten you a little. It is inappropriate for you to sell your old temple clothes, garments, recommend or other temple related items on eBay. By doing so you are defiling and belittling the true importance and idea of what the clothes represent and the purpose of the temple. Please take your offer of selling temple related materials off eBay and keep them for yourself.

About your non-member friends buying garments in Orlando, did you bear false witness to the person selling you the garments by portraying the idea to the cashier that your friends were also members?

Do you believe in the Ten Commandments? The article I read mentioned that your mom even wrote to you to plea with you to take off your eBay offer, do you not remember the commandment to honor your mother and father?

I am an overall rational person, but I assure you that when I hear of actions pertaining to defiling the sacredness of the temple like selling temple clothes on eBay, I am furious.

If you still think that selling temple related items is ok, or maybe you may have a slight question about these actions, then maybe you ought to ask God about it. If you are at all tuned in, then I am sure you will get a very strong impression to take these items off the auction. I am appalled any worthy temple going person would want to make such a "dirty" profit.

For shame.

Please take a moment and ponder what the temple means to you. If you have not been in awhile, then maybe you ought to go and feel the love and take part of the blessings given in the temple-that is if you haven't sold your recommend or your clothes. By the way, they do rent clothes out.

Kindest regards,


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