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Using Internet Explorer? Go ahead, have access to my bank account.

from the internet-theivery dept.
Yet another security hole in Internet Explorer has been found. This time a hacker designed sypware to record users ids and passwords when users go to one of 50 financial websites, says an article in USA Today. The data is then sent to a San Diego website. Luckily the FBI shut down the website, but does this make you feel comfortable about using Internet Explorer? Microsoft doesn't have a patch out for this and isn't expected to until XP Service pack 2 comes out later this summer. Some banks have already started encouraging users to use browsers other than Internet Explorer. I use Mozilla Firefox, what web browser do you use?

"I use Mozilla Firefox, what web browser do you use?"

Oh yeah, well my dad can beat up your dad!

Seriously though, Firefox is a lot better. I love the tabs.



can't wait for 1.0

Mozilla #1

IE can lick my... nevermind. Firefox is way better.

oh yeah....

Well beandip's sister-in-law can take you down.. take you down to chinatown!