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Moore than meets the eye

from the reasons-for-studying-history dept.
I recently found an outstanding critique of Michael Moore and his movie on ChronWatch. The thing is awesome, I just wish it was footnoted. (For an in-depth look at each of Fahrenheit 9/11's individual lies see this article.)

It reveals Moore for the evil propagandizer he is and compares him to Joseph Goebbels, the man who orchistrated Hitler's WWII propaganda machine.

You'll probably want to read the article before listening to the rest of what I have to say ...

The more I think about them, the more I see false ideas as being viruses in the way they spread throughout and affect societies, and recently I've been noticing that many in this country seem to be embracing the falsehoods created by our media's modern-day propaganda machine.

Micheal Moore and his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 are a perfect example of the machine at work--a machine which will stop at nothing in obtaining its final goal.

The short term goal is to see that Bush is defeated, which doesn't seem all that bad. But what's the real goal here? I think it's much more than to stop the republicans from getting their way, I think it's to eventually tear this country apart, from the inside out, one mind at a time.

Most of the people caught up in the machine are, I believe, unaware of what its end truly is. Most simply buy in to one of the many half-truths which have become part of it's aggregate "goal".

If they could see the machine's final destination, I believe most Americans would try to stop it. But they do not, and therefore will not.

As we look more closely at people like Michael Moore and get a feel for what they truly believe, I think we gain a better understanding of the direction they're attempting to herd the citizens of this nation.

People need to step back and take stock of what is going on here. There is obviously a certain amount of mistruth coming from both sides of our current presidential debate. That's just the way it is. Don't let that fool you. Don't let people decieve you into believing their false ideology by mixing a little truth with their lies.

Don't abandon the ideals this country was founded on, and more importantly, don't let someone twist your understanding of what those ideals were.

Yeah, I'd say our little American herd is in for a nasty surprise if Moore and his backers have their way with us.


Have you seen the movie? Is it right to critisize something you only hear about via a middleman?

Our county was based on change, and a large part of that is our God-given right to vocally disagree with our leaders. Michael Moore is not anti-American, in fact he is probably more American than all those people who believe everything on the news, and blindly follow our president without question. We are supposed to question what is going on, it is one of the biggest foundations of this country.

Michael Moore equal to Hitler? There are many more convincing arguments linking George Bush to Hitler. What did Hitler do to remove the rights of the citizens of Germany? He claimed that in order to erradicate terrorism it was a necessity. Read the Patriot Act, watch this movie, and question your government - its the only way to improve a society that is falling quicker than the Greek empire.

There were almost 3,000 people killed in the tragedy in New York City on September 11th. Unfortunately Bush has far surpassed that number in innocent civilians killed in Iraq (a country which, by the way, has NEVER done a single terrorist act to the US. What about Afghanistan? And how did Osama get all his money? From the US, who also flew Bin Ladens family out of the country when all other flights were grounded.) Think.

Pull your head out buddy

I don't think that Michael Moore is an anti-American, I just think that he is a confused moron who thinks that by skewing the facts he can trick the American people into hating Bush. The reason that this movie had no affect on the American people is because the majority of the people know that Michael Moore is a leftist kook and a propagandist. If Moore had an ounce of credibility this movie might have been half way effective.

Lets look at Iraq before for we restored their God given right to be free. They were ruled by a dictator who would not comply with UN sanctions, who harbored terrorist, who killed anyone he felt like killing, etc. You’re right, Saddam did not once attack the United States directly, but by harboring terrorists he helped Osama Bin Ladin kill 3,000 plus people in terrorist attacks throughout the years. Iain Smith, a representative of the Tory party in the English Parliament, said that during Saddam’s reign over a million Iraqis were put to death. So personally I am glad that Bush, the leader of our country, has sought out and destroyed terrorist networks and has done what he said he would do to make my life and your life safer.