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Daily Universe Editorial- Dirty Hands

There was an interesting and entertaining editorial in the Daily Universe on Friday about people who don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom at BYU. I was wondering if many of you have noticed the same dirty trend going on? Do THAT many people really not wash their hands after they use the bathroom? If so, what can be done to get them to do it? Here is a copy of the editorial that was written. It is pretty good!

Benji Cunningham

Vancouver, Wash.

It depends on the situation...

Whether I agree with the article would depend on what business the "offender" has engaged in before leaving with hands unwashed. If they are simply emptying the bladder, then I see no reason to be disgusted. Urine is a completely sterile liquid: it is clean and contains no germs or bacteria. It smells - badly, I concede - but you will not get sick by shaking hands with someone who has failed to wash. I think there is a social stigma attached to hand washing (yeah, it's creepy to think that the dude that made your 1/2 lb. bean burrito just got done taking a piss, and didn't wash). If I am not in any type of food services position, why does it matter if I don't wash after #1? Think of all the germs and bacteria that you collect on your hands by doing EVERY OTHER ACTIVITY during the day. That pencil you like to chew on during calculus? GROSS. Or the delectable bacteria accumulated on every door handle, rail, or desk on campus? Yummy. I wonder if the author wears latex gloves just to survive in such a deadly, bacteria infested world...

Now, washing after #2 is mandatory and I will completely agree with the article in that regard.

I've thought a lot about

I've thought a lot about this and I don't see why a male needs to wash his hands after peeing. The fact is that I can go peeing without even touching my clothes. Even if I do touch other parts of my body would you wash your hands after touching your arm? I don't think so.

Plus, the very idea of me washing my hands implies that the sinks and doorknobs in these bathrooms are actually cleaner than my hands. I would argue that my hands after peeing are cleaner than any sink that was touched by who knows.

I agree with the mandatory #2.


The fact is that I can go peeing without even touching my clothes

I am sorry...but you have to explain this one. I mean the whole zipper thing. I am dying to know. Are you using adult undergarments?

Urine is sterile (usually) but genitals are not

Guys, urine is sterile, but your genitals are not. Your genitals are in the same general vicinity as your anus and come into close contact with that bacteria filled portal. There are intestinal bacteria and many types of yeast that inhabit that area. It is definitely a good idea to wash your hands after urinating, and I would avoid direct contact with the sink and doorknobs after that as well.

Yeast infections

I got a yeast infection from swimming in an infected lake (Huntington Lake, California, for you curious sorts). And yes, I'm a guy. I gave the doctor a long, incredulous look when he gave me the bad news.

Moral of the story: Wash your hands.

Sorry. I meant with only

Sorry. I meant with only touching my clothes.