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BYU football broadcasting mess

The Mountain West Conference has made a mess out of the new CSTV contract and the station called the mtn. that is devoted to Mountain West Conference sports. They can't even get the BYU football games on even the largest satellite provider packages.

BYU Athletic Director finally started to plead that people call their cable and satellite tv providers.

People finally realized that a deal wasn't going to happen so those outside Utah (and many inside Utah) decided that they would wait for the rebroadcast of the BYU and Tulsa game on BYUTV. Turns out that a couple hours before the game BYUTV pulled the rebroadcast of BYU football due to a "change in broadcast rights." Seemed a bit odd that they would lose rights a few hours before broadcasting it.

Even though the Boston College game vs. BYU this weekend will be broadcast on ESPN2, the next week against TCU BYU fans won't be able to watch BYU Football on TV.

Tom Holmoe, BYU athletic director, is now petitioning for more patience. Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson is taking no responsibility and is showing that he sees no end in sight.

It looks like it's going to be a long year for those of us that don't have Comcast (the only large provider with the mtn.) and want to watch BYU football.


Additional Information added by Editors - 11/01/2007:

It is a mess when your favorite team is not on tv. You should have a channel where you can search for the game that you want to watch! Why not? I can go online and do a music search and get the tunes I want. I skip to the on demand channel and do any movie search I want. I can jump on the internet and do a video search at my local movie store from home. I just beleive that if I can do a model search from home, I beleive I should be able to search for the game I want at home!

Well, in our area Time

Well, in our area Time Warner swallowed Comcast, so we lost the broadcasts.

Didn't know about ESPN2, didn't show up when I checked the guide for football games (but they were in overtime then).

Guess I ought to watch more football ... or maybe less.

First CSTV game I saw

I remember when the MWC first announced the deal with CSTV. They announced it during the half time of a BYU away game, where CSTV was putting together the show. Replays were occasional at best, commentators sounded like they had done the weather all their life, and I had seen better video of televised high school events. When the first announced it, I thought it was a joke. I am not at all surprised that there is now this broadcasting mess, because from day one CSTV seemed anything but professional.

Another fiasco

I took a little weekend trip to Utah to see BYU slaughter Utah State. While at the game they announced that the game would be rebroadcast on BYUTV that evening. Then, they later came on and corrected that it would not be rebroadcast, but some old football game would be playing on BYUTV that night.

You'd think they'd at least be able to get the announcements at the game right.

At least we beat #17 TCU today.

It looks like it's going to

It looks like it's going to be a long year for those of us that don't have Comcast (the only large provider with the mtn.) and want to watch BYU football.

You mean a long 14 years. Yeah, thats right. The MWC signed a 14 year contract with CSTV. What were they thinking?

Also, I saw today that you can buy access to a live on-line pay-per-view of the CSU/BYU game for almost $15, which seems like way too much for a poor solution to their broadcasting mess. Even if I did find $15 to waste, it still wouldn't work on my Mac.

byu utah game on saturday

how can those of us out of state see the byu utah game on Saturday. I don't mind paying