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Bill Cosby -- not in a joking mood

from the things-most-folks-can't-say dept.
USAToday has an article describing Bill Cosby's stinging remarks about the state of the black community at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition & Citizenship Education Fund's annual conference. His primary message was that it's useless to blame others for the black community's problems--how doing so ignores the root of the problem. Cosby is quoted as saying, "You've got to stop beating up your women because you can't find a job, because you didn't want to get an education and now you're [earning] minimum wage. You should have ... thought more of yourself when you were in high school, when you had an opportunity."

I'm happy to see that someone who is in a position to do so has finally taken a stand and spoken the politically-incorrect truth about this issue in such a public manner. Bill Cosby is turning the community's focus toward taking responsibility for its struggles instead of blaming them on others--a message whose applicability is universal.

Also worth reading: Opinion Journal's commentary on this issue and the slanted reporting it's received in the press. (Scroll down almost to the bottom. The title is "A Leading Indicator?")

Amen, and Amen!

I couldn't agree more. Of course I'd probably be called a racist for saying so.