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"Neo-Radio" -- stupid name, good idea

from the can-i-get-an-amen dept.
NPR had a great story yesterday about what I hope is the oncoming death of commercial radio as we know it. Do you ever get sick of how loud, obnoxious, and repetitive radio stations are? how all they play is a small list of hits until they're dead? and how they're so obviously in cahoots with the record companies (who we all know are evil)?

Yes, of course you do. I'm glad we all agree. So listen to the story, it's good.

I just can't believe it's taken so long for anyone in the radio industry to catch on to this idea. We've known what's wrong with radio for years. Did it really take a big consultant to figure this out?

(Here are links to the radio stations they refer to: Denver's The Mountain and San Diego's FM94/9. A report about this done by a radio consultant that NPR links to can be found here.)