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The Dr. Matt Show

We've been doing this show for about two months now on, and we've been getting a huge response! We have more listeners outside of Utah which was a shock to us! The Dr. Matt Show is a show were two guys just sit and talk about politics, movies, and just life in general, and people love it! While the show does lean more towards a political show, we try and keep it funny and entertaining with our website and idiots of the week. We are hoping to move to a podcast this sunday, instead of video, so any help with that would be much appriciated. But check out our website and our show at Send in your suggestions!


That's kind of funny. Are you of these people? I reviewed your uchaven site.


Sorry guys, but you lost me at hello.

Pretty good for amatuers

The Rush Limbaugh show its not, but overall I gotta say they're pretty entertaining.Ill watch again.


Just watched #7. Great show guys.

Ugh... Rush Limbaugh. At

Ugh... Rush Limbaugh. At least he's better than worthless Sean Hannity.