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DJ Shawn Phillips is no longer at Studio 600...


I am no longer djaying at Studio 600 due to the fact that I am LDS and cannot support today’s pop music (not even with edits). If you want to know what the lyrics to the songs on 97.1zht U92 or Mtv are please go here
the lyrics are updated to June 2006.

However I have been a dj for over 20+ years ( I was the DJ behind all of the Biggest clubs in Utah and radio mix shows) and having had the experience to promote something NEW, I feel that it is time to go in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of what is popular in the world!

We are now producing CLEAN DANCE MUSIC that will praise God and not degrade women nor glorify violence or drugs. We are working with Alex Boye and many other well known LDS and Christian based artists.

It is time for a change. In addition to the music production we are setting up smaller type parties (in SLC and Utah County) that will incorporate the atmosphere, the energy, the music, the people, the vibe and most importantly THE SPIRIT. I know this sounds very different but THAT IS WHAT WE ALL NEED!

It is time for the LDS youth to stop allowing the radio and mtv to tell them what is cool, what to dance to or how to act. There is a whole world out there beyond the smoke and mirrors of the corporate music industry. There are numerous, producers, dj’s, artists dancers etc who don’t follow the pop culture.

Please stay tuned and check back with my website for new dj mixes, music and more.


Shawn Phillips


you can do electro! mosytly non-lyrical! and crazy fun haha, and breaks, see you on wednesday man.