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BoM Toons T-shirts

Ok, this is a blatant plug to earn some be warned.

Over at we've been struggling with finding ways to support the considerable costs of running our website which averages over 50GB of bandwidth a month.

We HATE ads on websites so have decided to go the "donations" and "merchandise" route. It's really risky because we've had to put ourselves even deeper in debt to have some t-shirts made. So, this is a call to our fellow ProvoPulsers to take a look at our t-shirt that sports an image of our stylized Nephi character in 5 colors and, if you like it, buy one for yourself (and your close friends and family ;)). There's also a paypal donation option for those who don't have $13.50 to spare.

Why is this a worthy cause? Because all the proceeds go to paying for our server and helping us to provide free LDS cartoons and games in an ad-free environment. We've done it for a year and a half out of our own pockets and now the site's popularity is squeezing us a little more than we can handle. Another good reason? The majority of our visitors are non-LDS gamers who are being introduced to LDS themes and characters through our entertaining games and missionary work! Here's a screenshot from our stats program to give you an idea of the reach.

Many thanks to anyone who can lend a hand!

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