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30,000 BYU students = power at the polls

from the walking-dollar-signs dept.
Do you ever feel like you're living in a giant tourist-trap? or I guess it wouldn't be a tourist-trap but instead a student-trap. People are literally waiting around for you to make one wrong move so that they can boot you. If parking in Wells Fargo's lot this past winter from midnight until 7 a.m. was such a problem, why slap a boot on my car and force me to stay there all the next day? It doesn't seem right. Somehow towing would have been less of an insult.

Well, the Daily Herald has an opinion piece for those of us with these frustrations which ... argues that students should get organized and make their voices heard so that we can affect change.

There are many other Provo City ordinances that cause students grief, and yet we never do anything about them. I guess we figure we'll just wait it out since we won't be here for too much longer. Over time this attitude has led to our current situation where older property owning residents have total say in how things run and the students are trampled upon.

Now I know this is a topic that comes up fairly frequently in the Daily Universe, but it really is time for students to get organized and do something about these laws. I don't know the actual statistics, but if we voted in bloc I'm sure we could swing virtually any city election in our favor.