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LDS dance club night (Friday's) with flava! HipHop R&B and House music all night long with REAL LDS standards!!!!!

Studio 600 23 east 600 south SLC, utah

Okay guys and gals…IT’S ON!!!!!!!

I have an unlimited guest list but you must be there before 10:00pm. Invite all of your friends and even enemies =) Let’s hook it up!

Girls are now 1.00 and guys are 2.00 before 10:00pm.

Oh and the music???? IS IN THE MIX ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!! No rock songs in between or slow songs just that dope funky bass and beats you all love. Of course all CLEAN and def in the mix!

Now is the time to show the world what we can do. Let’s all step up and make this successful so we can use this to promote our new produced clean LDS music and artists and dancers and …

Open 9-1am DON’T SLEEP ON THIS!!!!!!

Hit me off at to be placed on the guest list.

*Word has it that Alex Boye will be hostin' the Friday night partys!!!!!!

Does anyone hear Jeremy Housekeeper is going to be in the HIZOOOOUSE???