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Global Warming: Blame Bush!

"Care to read beyond the headlines and actually get at 'the facts?' Those disenchanted with the current administration love to feed their blind hatred with the alarmist headlines of the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and NPR with a little humor added from Jon Stewart, the Daily Kos, Howard Dean, and Paul Krugman.

We watch, read, and listen (sometimes with earplugs) to them all. Sometimes we have a difficult time distinguishing between the humor and the headline because of their laughable nature and the shrill tone that dominates liberal media.

Unfortunately for these pessimistic purveyors of doom and destruction, the facts don't bear them out. The frustrating thing about facts--pesky little things--is that they always seem to get in the way of the liberal media-propagandized worldview that holds Bush responsible for everything from Katrina to 9/11. Oh wait, he was responsible for that, wasn't he?"

Click here to read more commentary, an excellent article on global warming by Rirchard Lindzen, and make inflammatory comments like some of these.

My favorite quote re: hurricanes & global warming

Max Mayfield, the guy who runs the National Hurricane Center:
"Global Warming is not responsible for the increase in hurricane activity."
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Frankly, the alarmism gets kind of annoying. I'm all for reasonable environmental regulations (the city I come from is the second-most polluted region in the United States), but things like California's SMOG checks just breed corruption in the way they're implemented. I'm more worried about getting cancer than the ice caps melting. I don't profess to be any kind of climatologist either, but the when our dire predictions of global cooling in the 70s reversed themselves to dire predictions of global warming in the 90s, I'd say we should probably just wait and see before taking any action.

global warming

global warming is not happening--and if it is, it's barbara boxer's fault

if in fact there is any connection at all though between it and one of my 2 SUVs and HUMMER, i'm all for it

we'll grow oranges in alaska

i'm all for environmental

i'm all for environmental regulations, however i'm not sure if appealing to global warming is the right way to go about it. global warming is a fact. the greenhouse effect is not.

while i think bush is certainly to blame for much of our countries ills, global warming is not one of them.

project mayhem

The frustrating thing about

The frustrating thing about facts--pesky little things--is that they always seem to get in the way of the liberal media-propagandized worldview that holds Bush responsible for everything from Katrina to 9/11.

I've never understood why people were so quick to assume the press had ulterior motives while blindly accepting powerful leaders as altruistic.

That's not to say that I agree with everything in the media... there's always Fair and Balanced Fox... right?

No blaming, jusst a good read

Might I reccomend Jared Diamond's new book Collapse. I'm about half way through and it is amazing. He doesn't play the blame game, he just talks about how different civilizations fell apart. It turns out we aren't the first peoples to do harm to our environment. Diamond is no shrill wacko alarmist. His last book won the Pulitzer and he is about as level-headed as you can get. Check it out and decide for yourself.

Even if we got rid of

Even if we got rid of "liberal media propaganda," I think it'd still be hard to paint a really successful picture of Bush's presidency. Excessive government spending, a controversial war in Iraq, illegal government spying. Even if the media was totally neutral, it would still be difficult to turn around Americans' opinions of him.

Global Warming.

Have you studied global warming professionally? Then who are you to disagree with it? There are few scientists that disagree with it, and I'd trust the scientists more than the "liberal media."

granted, some of it may be scare tactics, but it is undeniably real.

The new movie about global Warming

Are we even reading?

After reading, with great amusement, all of the comments on this paper, I find myself wonder--Did any of the posters read the linked articles?

First, the "Blame Bush" bi was totally tongue-in-cheek. To those of you who didn't catch the sarcasm, read through it again.

Second, cutlerite makes it obvious that he also fell victim to the same thing. The entire linked article, by Richard Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, explains exactly WHY few scientists disagree.

Read it all, folks, then comment.

Hey, can we blame Feinstein

Hey, can we blame Feinstein too (I never liked her, either)? After all, California has two of the ten most polluted regions in the US, not to mention being the most polluted state-- this in spite of all those annoying SMOG tests.
Clearly global warming is California's fault, being the #1 contributor to particulate pollution in the #1 polluting country in the world.

The way to discover the truth

(Fox + CNN) / 2

CNN is what I'll watch when nothing is happenning-- after all, if something is happenning, or if something might stand a chance of being about to happen, CNN will be there. My best laugh-at-journalists moment of the week came from CNN's website a few days ago, when they posted this gem (unfortunately I can't find the link, but I promise, it's there):

"The new legislation would make it a crime to be in the United States illegally." (this was regarding the rallies and the legislation currently in the House and Senate regarding illegal immigrants).

If it's as good as "Guns,

If it's as good as "Guns, Germs, and Steel" was, I think I'll pick up a copy.

one more thing.

its incredible that some people blame bush, because it is definitely not just the united states that has created the problem.

while nobody really doubts

while nobody really doubts global warming much anymore, there is still a lot of questions as to whether or not humans have affected global warming (ie. greenhouse effect).

project mayhem

sounds like a jealous little...

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kyoto's history, OIL is TODAY


I find it more readable and more important than Guns Germs and Steel (which I loved too)