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If you could do it all over again ...

I was talking with some friends today and we got onto the topic of what we would do differently if we could go back and start our BYU careers over again. Interesting topic, wouldn't you say?

In my case I think I'd pick economics as my undergrad instead of computer engineering, but I'd still be applying to dental school like I'm doing right now. But gosh, I'd run from this engineering major I'm in right now. I'd do anything, anything but this.

What about you guys? If you could go back and start over, would you do anything differently?

A smart man learns from his own mistakes

I also started out as Computer Engineering, but now I'm Computer Science/pre-med, and hating every minute of the C.S. part. They should probably tell incoming freshman that they don't follow the university policy of 2 hours of outside work for each hour spent in class with those technical majors.

So if I could do it over again, I would've picked a paddy-cake major too. Economics/Sociology/English/Psychology --something along those lines to do with pre-med.

Also, for a long time I never considered dating anyone very seriously. I bailed out on some really good girls when they started to get a little clingy because I thought, "why buy a book when you can join the library?" If I could do it over again, less playing the field.

Sometimes when I've been desperate for work I've made commitments to stay with a job for 1 yr. minimum, and had to turn down better offers when they came along because I couldn't break my word. If I could do it over again, realize that those jobs aren't worth a 1 yr. commitment.

Man, I could go on and on... but that's good for now.

"don’t look back. You can never look back."

Well, I didn't attend the venerable BYU, I graduated from the gentile school at the other end of the valley. Would I change anything? Well, I would've chosen my major earlier and I would've tried to take more science classes. Other than that I think I did pretty well.

I'd do it again I think.

Like Kanye West says in "Dream Killers",

"They ask, 'Oh you graduated?' No, I decided I was finished."

I dropped out of school to make movies. And I've worked on quite a few of them since. I think going back to school would be counterproductive for me. So, I don't think I'd change anything. I'll be traveling this road for a long time.

Getting banned from Provo Pulse sucked though. I'd go back and change that in a second.

need never look back again...( ? )

1. invested 99% of all of my money in Halliburton in 2000 (used the other nickle in a wishing well)
2. gone on a couple of polyga-dates
3. discovered betos as a frosh

In all honesty, if I could

In all honesty, if I could do it all over again, I doubt I would have come to BYU.

My dating experience here was a long list of short relationships. I got a lot of, "well, there might be someone better." I ended up meeting my wife in Russia. Most of the other girls are still single, looking for someone that might be better.

The tuition wasn't so bad, but the cost of living has been a nightmare. I have been ripped off constantly by cheap landlords wanting an extra $150 because I missed a dust spot on the light fixture when I moved out. Refusal to pay this has led to threats of lawsuits.

I have never been booted, but a number of my friends have. This is the only place I've ever lived where booting was used as a profitable business rather than actual parking enforcement.

Sociology has been more interesting and thought-provoking than my first two majors, computer science and accounting, but I realize now that my four years of interest and thought-provoking courses leaves me about the same place where I was four years ago, with a couple new lines on my resume, the neverending question, "So... what is sociology?" and a whole lot of debt. Even still, I am glad I am not educationally-bound to a career of staring at lines of code or dollar amounts.

The environment, well, I have mixed feelings about that. It's nice to not have to worry about major crimes and the smell of pot and hippies, but the self-righteousness has its own distinct stench around here. It's like that South Park episode where everyone gets a hybrid car and there's a smug cloud over the town.

It will be nice to go somewhere else, where neighbors are respectful and homes aren't built to barely meet structural guidelines. To have a home where the non-cinderblock walls actually retain some heat in the winter and insulate the air conditioning in the summer. Internet that isn't down every fifth day (*cough* OC Telecom *cough*).

Most of all, I am glad to leave a town where employers pay you a dollar over minimum wage, thinking you really deserve that extra buck, and where you don't get treated like a child. To have a real job, with benefits and paid holidays, where leaving for fifteen minutes to turn in an assignment doesn't also require clocking out and then in again.

So, if I could do it all over again, I would have stuck around home, gone to the local college, and the state university. And my feelings towards Utah would probably have remained positive.

Meeting my wife in Provo is

Meeting my wife in Provo is the one event that has made my time here worth it.

If there was any way I could have met her without coming to BYU, I would have rather gone to the university which I originally favored: UC Berkeley.

Somehow, going on a mission tends to make you think that you're really cut out for the Provo lifestyle. That was a rather naive assumption, on my part.

good idea

good idea