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Man crowned in Senate Office Building declares himself to be the Messiah

from the way-way-out-there dept.
I heard the strangest story on NPR yesterday about Sun Myung Moon--owner of the Washington Times and leader of the Unification Church. In a bizarre ceremony on March 23 which was attended by various US congressmen, Moon was literally crowned by Representative Danny K. Davis (D, IL) after-which he declared himself to be the Messiah. (Here are the photos and video to prove it. Skip to 12:44 for the crowning. BTW, the video is in Korean. If you have BitTorrent, an english video is available here.)

What makes this even weirder is that Utah Congressman Chris Cannon and Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson were both in attendance!

I really haven't done my homework about this story, but I do know that most of the politicians in attendance claim ... that they were mislead--not understanding what kind of event this was going to be or that it even had anything to do with "Reverend" Moon. I sure hope that's the case, but I kind of doubt it because of what Accountability Utah has to say.

The best summary I've found of the whole mess is here. An extensive article outlining Moon's background is here (lots of footnotes).

And just in case you think I've gone off the deep end here, the story is also being covered by The New York Times (free registration is required to read the article though).

Oh boy

I served my mission in Korea, and them Unification Church group is a bit nuts. They believe, for instance (this is stuff I saw ON THEIR PROSELYTING MATERIALS) that there will be a great Go tournament (it's an Asian game with black and white stones) between Korea and the US and I think Japan and a couple other countries to decide on.... something. The mass weddings they do are by far not the strangest (tho its arguably the most damaging) thing they believe in...