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Good places to eat?

My wife and I are always looking for new places to eat. Eating out is definitely one of our hobbies. Lately though, we have been at a loss. We want to find some new places to eat that we haven't tried before. So I thought I would put the question to the Pulse. What are your favorite eateries here in the Valley? Let's all share so everyone can get out and try some great new food.

Some of our favs:
Ice Cream: Sub Zero in New York Burrito in Orem (ice cream made with liquid nitrogen!)
Bombay House (my fav)
Burgers at The Malt Shoppe: cheap and pretty good.

My roommate took a date to

My roommate took a date to Guru's over on Center St. in Provo and they both enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

I don't eat pizza alot, but my favorite is Pier 49 pizza. There's one on Center Street in Provo and one on University Ave.

Tucanos is always a favorite, the only problem is that it's kind of expensive, and when I go with my guy friends, it's always ends up being a competition.

Just over the weekend, I had a shake from Arctic Circle which I found to be excellent. They put chunks of cheesecake in my Strawberry Cheescake Shake.

Sadly, Provo doesn't have

Sadly, Provo doesn't have too many good places.

If you are willing to drive a bit there are some great places up Provo Canyon.

The Tree Room at Sundance.
Snake Creek Grill in Heber
The Blue Boar Inn in Midway.

All three of those are fairly nice places with single entrees being in the $25+ range. However, I personally feel that the food and service is worth the extra cost. They aren't "everyday" places, but as far as special occasions go, they are the three best restaurants outside of Salt Lake.

I Recommend- Baja Cantina in

I Recommend-

Baja Cantina in Park City
BurgerMeister in Midway (Might be closed still?)
Claimjumper in Park City

And Chef's Table in Provo (It's good not great)

You gotta' eat when it's lunchtime

Einstein Bro.'s is great for lunch, but can be a bit pricey. It's a bagel/soup/sandwhich shop. There's one in Orem as well as Center St. in Provo.

Gondolfo's is good for breakfast if you looking for something quick and dirty, and their lunch sandwiches are alright too.

For dinner, I second the motion for Tucano's. I also like Tepanyaki's Japanese Stakehouse there on the corner of Bulldog and State St., which is a Benihana's kind of place, but instead of being $40/plate, it's only like $20/plate.

Also, as was alluded to in a recent ProvoPulse podcast (what happened to you guys anyways?) if you're hungry at 2 a.m. and are sick of the Denny's/Beto's/IHOP offerings, the cafeteria at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center is open late, is cheap, and ain't half bad!

Man, there's about a billion. You'd think all there was to do in UT Valley was eat and watch movies! Wait a second...


I love La Dolce Vita in Provo.

Food, food, food

I think Costa Vida is the best for the price for both lunch and dinner.
Tocanos is amazing but costs a good amount of money and
Kneeders is awesome for breakfast and lunch.


Happy Sumo, for Sushi and Sake (Riverwoods)
The Red Iguana, mexican restaurant (Salt Lake City)
Bailey's Subs (Orem)

Try This List of Places

Here's a pretty good list of places in Utah County to eat:
Utah County Restaurant List

I'm biased since I created the list a while ago, but it stays pretty up to date since people post comments when a restaurant changes or goes out of business. You have to click on the restaurant to see the comments and ratings.

Thai Pepper - 283 E 300 South

Delicious Thai food (try the coconut curry).

I second your recommendation of Bombay House.

Sam Hawk is a good Korean place. 660 N Freedom Blvd

don't hate on Provo

Ottavio's on Center Street in Provo. Enough said.


Coney's Frozen Custards in Orem.
Burger's Supreme in Provo.

A new fav of mine...

Pho Noodle House in Orem off State

Best places to eat in Utah Valley

The Roll Up in Orem Opening April 28, 2011
You're in for a good one

Best places to eat

Sensuous Sandwich hands down

Texas Roadhouse!

Texas Roadhouse located in the parking lot of the University Mall. Meat so tender you barely need to chew. More flavor than anything I have ever tasted. It's the best food in this county!

Here in Provo

All of the food sucks. It's really too bad. Fast food abounds, bad pizza is plentiful and there's a drought of good taste in the valley. I suggest going someplace else...Salt Lake, maybe, or Park City. The above comment about Texas Roadhouse is hilarious, by the way. Pretty sad when a chain steakhouse is the "best food in the county".