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Lakers who?

from the it's-still-a-team-game dept.
On Tuesday June 15th the All-Star quartet Los Angeles Lakers were sent packing after being beaten 4-1 in the NBA finals by the Detroit Pistons. It was nice to see the team that worked together triumph over the egotistical super stars. The usual style that the Lakers play could not prevail against the outstanding defense and team work displayed the entire series by the Pistons. Once again the Lakers EGOs stood between them and victory. When Shaq begins to play well Kobe felt it a threat to him and his game, so instead of going to what works he continually tried to do it himself. While the Lakers cried over who looks better, the Pistons were all chipping in to buy the Lakers a first class ticket home.

In my opinion the MVP of the series should have gone Gary Payton because he was the best weapon against the Lakers. Seriously though, isn't Gary Payton the saddest excuse of a super star you have ever seen? I can't think of one game of the entire play offs were Gary Payton played a roll in helping the Lakers win except for personally delivering the ball up the court for Shaq and Kobe.

Enough about Ferry Payton, let's talk about the five guys that out-played that Lakers in every aspect of the game. I don't recall seeing a single selfish possession by the Pistons, which was the key to their success. Every player played his role, Richard "Head Gear" Hamilton and Chauncey Billups did a beautiful job of controlling the Pistons offence, Ben and Rasheed Wallace pulled down rebound after rebound and Tayshaun Prince filled in all the gaps. But what really did it was the defensive strangle-hold orchestrated by Larry Brown.

The moral of the story is that basketball, even in the NBA, is a team game. The Pistons played like one, the Lakers didn't.

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