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Southern Baptist cut ties over gay acceptance issue

from the smart-moves dept.
The Washington Times is reporting that on Tuesday the Southern Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly to sever ties with the Baptist World Alliance. The primary reason for the split is stated to be the acceptance by the BWA of congregations which endorse homosexual practices. It looks like the Southern Baptists--long known for their strong conservative views--have decided to draw the line here. For decades the views of mainstream baptists have been growing increasingly liberal, and evidently this has finally pushed the Southern Baptists to break off their 99 year relationship with the BWA.

I'm glad to see that other churches are taking a stand on this issue. It's one thing for Mormons to denounce homosexual practices, but quite another for the Southern Baptists to have taken action in such a drastic way. Seeing the largest single Baptist denomination take a stand on this issue will be a powerful influence for people who at this point could take either side in the growing debate.

On a lighter note, it's nice to see that there's been no recent discussion of another missionary expedition to Utah to convert the heathen state to Christ.