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Report: UVSC grads earn higher starting salaries than BYU grads

Just recently Utah Foundation, a nonprofit research center, released a rather fascinating report about the state of higher education in the state, focusing primarily on the jobs graduates end up getting. To download the report click here.

So what is so amazing about the report? Well guess which school had the highest paid workers coming out of their bachelor's programs? UVSC! Ya...surprising. Not only do Wolverines make more than their Cougar counterparts, they usually find more full time employment and start more businesses.

Cougars do go for more advanced degrees (37% compared to UVSC's 18%). And of course the higher the education the higher the eventual salary. Also note that this report was looking at 2004 graduates from Utah schools...In other words these numbers reflect first-year salaries. Down the road Cougs could be making more, but at least for the first year UVSC grads are making quite a bit more.

Another important note for state legislators to look at when deciding on UVSC's future funding is that 81% of UVSC graduates stick around the Beehive State (compared to the Y's 56%). And when out-of-staters come to UVSC, 60% stay in the state after graduation.

Check out the Herald's article here.

Is Utah the answer?

Maybe I need to get out of Utah faster than I originally thought. I'm from the Washington, DC area and came to BYU only because of the great atmosphere. I could have gone to a New England school, but I didn't believe that my education would suffer that much by coming to BYU. Maybe someone should have given me this article a few years ago. I didn't think that coming here would weaken my future salary by THAT much. But reading the article from the Utah Foundation makes me a bit saddened that maybe after 3 years at BYU, I didn't choose the best Utah school after all. I should have gone to the U. I know that may seem like a sin to some, but "For those with advanced degrees, ... Utah had more in the highest ranges those making more than $80,000 [compared to BYU's $50,000]." I won't argue with that; sign me up.

Don't get me wrong

I'm not a grad student. I was just pointing out that maybe it would have been helpful if the information had been distributed a few years ago. I'm sure it's not the first time they conducted this kind of survey.

In the future, I am planning on going to grad school though. I just hope that my BYU education will not limit the types of schools I can apply to. I understand that the article is talking about 'advanced academic degrees,' but everything has an effect. You don't learn division before you learn addition. The same way I want to have a good undergraduate education to even compete with conterparts from other schools.

And what about BYU's highly ranked Business School? We rave in having such a great program, but yet we still can't compete to the U's starting salary. What's up with that?

Don't get me wrong. I AM a BYU student and I came here because it seemed like a great opportunity. I'm not trying to cause a commotion, I'm just speaking my mind and trying to understand if my time here is worth it.

The reason I wrote this article

The reason I wrote this article was to point out that UVSC does do a good job at preparing grads for the real world or work. That is something most people in this state, most of all our state legislature, have failed to realize. This misunderstanding has resulted in UVSC being incredibly underfunded for far too long.

I blame most of the inequities in state funding (something BYU does not need to worry about) on the state's antediluvian Board of Regents. This system of 16 regents appointed to limited terms of service by the govenor HATES, yes I said hates, UVSC. For the past five years ten of the sixteen regents have been from Salt Lake County, and 1 has been from Utah County. So is it any wonder why The U gets everything they need right when they need it. If you are an old University of Utah or Utah State alum and all of the sudden there is this young upstart Tech College sprouting up in the shadow of BYU of course you are going to do everything in your power to limit it at every turn. That is why everytime UVSC asks to offer a new degree (which usually costs absoultely nothing to the state) the Board of Regents fight them tooth and nail. The legislature is no different, especially when the Utah County delegation is made up of former Cougars. Curtis Bramble and Margaret Dayton and their buddies say they are friends of UVSC but really they would love the campus to be nothing more than a holding tank for BYU rejects.

Think I am crazy? Listen to this: Last year UVSC hosted members of the Utah County delegation at a dinner to thank them for their work on behalf of the school during the legislative session. During this dinner Provo Rep. Steve Clark stood up and said "UVSC is a great opportunity for kids to have the BYU experience. We're walking on eggshells when we say this, but we know that people want that experience."

The powers at be in Utah County would like nothing more than UVSC to be a state-funded little brother to BYU. I'm joking right? I wish. Check this out, when asked what UVSC needed to do to be approved for additional degrees as well as future university status, State Senate President John Valentine said, "What we need to have happen is not a repeat of what happened [Michael Moore, The Vagina Monologues, a class on gay and lesbian literature] at this institution in the last couple of years. This institution reflects the values of the community in which it resides. And if we have continual efforts to try and move this institution away from the values of this community we are going to have some problems up at the state capital."

In other words be like BYU or pay the price! What does this have to do with the report you might be wondering? Well, this report clearly shows that for all our awful pinko liberal professors UVSC still pumps out good little capitalists that make money. Sometimes in order to produce students ready for the real world of work they need to have experienced a little reality in the classroom.

Sorry I rambled....but this stuff gets me pretty rilled up. To get a really good education on how the state's system works check out this article from The College Times.

Cool, Vegor. Thanks.

Cool, Vegor. Thanks.

This doesn't surprise me.

This doesn't surprise me. People who go to UVSC are usually motivated to become useful members of society. People who go to BYU go to get married or hang out or get into grad school.

New article

In the Monday Jan 9th edition of the UVSC College Times I have an article about this very story...check it out.

Daily Herald story

This just in--The Daily Herald editorial page printed this article about the importance of the Utah Foundation report for UVSC's chances at the upcoming state legislative session.

I wouldn't be so sure...

Are you a grad student? Because the quote says "advanced academic degrees" which, for the purposes of this study, means something beyond a bachelors degree. Given BYU's emphasis on undergraduate education, the difference in salary for grad students is not at all surprising.

The report isn't a reading

The report isn't a reading of your future, it is a statistic and has no bearing on what you will or will not make upon graduation.

it's largely BYU's masters

it's largely BYU's masters of accounting program that gives their school such hype. it's considered to be one of the top 5 accounting programs in the nation. graduate from there and you're more likely to be hired from a top firm (with higher pay) than from the U.

project mayhem

"...came to BYU only because

"...came to BYU only because of the great atmosphere."

that's odd. i've got plenty of friends who leave byu because of the atmosphere.

project mayhem

imposter sam!

imposter sam!

Can't We Get Married, Hang Out and Go to Grad School?

I think all of those things can go together. Plus getting married takes hanging out to the next level.

I think the reason salaries are so much lower is because half of BYU's graduates go on to a job that pays eternally(motherhood). Plus, how do they get those numbers? Nobody ever was told what I get paid.

not suprised

So is it any wonder why The U gets everything they need right when they need it.

I think there is a reason for this (in politician's minds). Educational institutions are all about what they add back to the economy. They see it as the research and development of the state. UVSC does not fit into this realm. BYU isn't even referred to as a research institution. USU and Utah are looked at as Utah's research institutions. Go to local trade meetings, government meetings and the like. This is how they refer to these places.

The state may not even want this to happen for USVC. The school is highly a trade school, and they may want to keep it that way? Why. Well, take for instance the construction industry. If you read the news, talk to Utah's construction leaders, etc... they will all tell you they are short on qualified labor.

So, I think that saying that UVSC doesn't get the attention that other schools do, I think you are right. But I don't thin k it is for the reasons you are suggesting.

Could not ageee more!

UVSC students are screwed by the state big time! I think the State should focus a lot more on UVSC, the students make more, they stay in Utah and they are great workers!

I could not agree more that UVSC pumps out the capitalist...very skilled, very focused on what they want and willing to pay the price...long hours, hard work all comes standard with a UVSC student! My BYU employees are lazy, expect the world and think they are the chosen ones for promotions or some non-sense like that...I guess when I promoted that employee from UVSC it made my BYU employees think twice!

UVSC is a great school that is not considered will be interesting to see what happens in 10 years...UVSC will be 40k students, BYU will be 30k and UVSC Alumni will still be around with the jobs, paying the taxes and what not...while the BYU students will be off in some other state doing something, hopefully :)

uvsc only offers

uvsc only offers undergraduate degrees.

for the most part, i think this report is pretty useless. uvsc's focus on trade education, especially with technology, tips the scales. because of this focus on education for the sake of employment and income, uvsc has a higher average; while schools like byu who also focus on education for the sake of education (and for the sake of marriage) end up having a lower average.

a more appropriate comparison would be average pay between identical degrees.

this report just shows that uvsc is more like a trade school and less like a university.

project mayhem

Utah Foundation's numbers

According to an article in the Salt Lake Trib The Utah Foundation report was based on interviews done with 1400 or so of the 2004 graduates from all of Utah's colleges and universitis. So not everyone got asked, but that is a pretty good sample

UVSC is no longer a trade school

UVSC may still offer trade programs but with the opening of the Mountainlands Applied Technology Center (MATC) a few years back most trade courses moved over there. The school currently offers nearly 50 4-year bachelor degrees. The English department is one of the biggest departments on campus. The school of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the largest and certainly the most active school. The business school has been around since the 80s, and has won several national awards.
Come to the campus some time. The Gunter Trades and Spaprk Automotive buildings are ghost towns. The busiest buildings are the Liberal Arts and Computer Science buildings.
We may have trades here, but by no means is this a trade school.

UVSC is not a Trade School

Utah Valley State College! In two years it will be Utah Valley State Universtiy!

Of course Trade schools are cool, ever heard of MIT? That offers a lot of 'trade' programs!

What the heck does 'The school is highly a trade school' mean? 88% of the students are enrolled in programs that are not classified as trade??? Remeber that over 24k students go to UVSC...16k are from Utah County, while only 2k BYU students are from Utah Conty...Utah County needs to look at UVSC as its future higher education, the majority of the college students go to this school!

Utah County needs to take care of Utah County! Within 20 years, most of the county will be UVSC alumni...

What is a trade school?

I have yet to find out what people mean by trade school? So the fact that BYU offers degrees in Carpentry, Construction and what not makes it something different?

The largest department at UVSC is the English department, so is reading and writting considered trade?

Or this just another comment of how ignorant a lot of BYU students are? UVSC has roots in the Trades, yes, but it offers over 50 bachelors degrees that range from science, business, writting and engineering...

Half my family goes to the Y, 1/4 goes to the U and the other 1/4 goes to brothers who graduated from UVSC are making 30% more in their respective industries than my sibiling that graduated from the Y. Of course my sibilings that went to the Y were prepared to for more advanced degrees...

I find it funny that I have hired over a dozen employees in the past 18 months and my best students are from UVSC and SUU...

I think BYU is a good school, but BYU students make it out to be a top 10 school, when it is not! I do know that some programs are ranked very high at times! But I am talking about the school as a whole!

In todays work force, globalization I want workers who can work and think, not just spit out what they learned from a professor or a book!

Just a prespective from someone who has hired from these schools!