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Division I football at UVSC

Recently members of UVSC's student government, led by ASUVSC president Jared Sumsion stood before the school's Planning/Budgeting/and Accountability (PBA) board and proposed bringing football to UVSC.

Typically these PBA meetings are designed to let departments show what they have done with funds given to them in the past year and to lay out their plans for the future, including requests for additional funding if needed.

Sumsion and his supporters went before the board last week and laid out their plans for bringing Division I football to UVSC. Unlike other departments that depend on funding from tuition increases or reallocations made by the administration, ASUVSC has the ability to raise money for their desired programs by raising student fees ...

Each year ASUVSC holds student fee hearings in which interested parties can request funding. Student Government then decides how to divvy up the nearly $6 million in student fees and if a fee increase is needed. This is an amazing responsibility placed in the hands of young people, and student governments from other schools across the country wish they had this kind of autonomy. This process is one of the things that has made UVSC so special.

That being said, this process also makes it possible for Jared Sumsion and his supporters to raise student fees to bring football to UVSC. It was recently reported in the Deseret News that Sumsion estimates a football program would cost around $1.5 million a year. UVSC president William Sederburg puts this figure at closer to $1.75 million. This means a fee increase of between $40 and $50 just to fund the football program.

If you are a UVSC student you have noticed that fees have increased dramatically over the past few years and that most of those increases have been a direct result of an over-extended athletic department trying to leapfrog from a junior college program to a NCAA Division I program.

A few years back then ASUVSC president Swen Swenson raised fees almost 20 dollars, with 15 dollars going to athletics. Last year's president Jim Bassi raised fees again, and this time promised a $15 increase each year for three years just for athletics.

Now Jared Sumsion is proposing adding another $40 to $50 to student fees to pay for a football program that will have no conference to play, no stadium to play in, and judging by the lackluster attendance records of the past few seasons very few fans to play in front of.

The simple truth is that for most schools, athletics is a money pit. In Utah, only the U of U and BYU make money with their programs, and not much at that. How can a school that is currently facing a $3 million shortfall and steadily dropping enrollment take a chance on football?

Is athletics at UVSC worth nearly half your student fees? Right now athletics represents about a quarter of your fees, but after Bassi's 3-year $15 dollar increases and if Sumsion gets his way you can count on almost half of your fees being flushed down the toilet. Wouldn't it be much better to spend that money on something everyone could enjoy, like health care for each and every student? Or here is a radical idea: let the students keep their money in the first place.

I would love to hear your comments on this. We will be launching a campaign once school is back in session in January. Thank You.

The Des News story,1249,635168661,00.html

To learn more about how student fees at UVSC work check out this article:

I know UVSC loves to act

I know UVSC loves to act like they're a real school and everything, but this is stupid. Act like a big kid until it involves yet another tuition/fees hike. The vast majority of students would rather pay less for school than have some stupid football team, I promise.

Vegor! I didn't notice you

Vegor! I didn't notice you posted this story! What you been up to these days homie?

Hey Sam is a travesty to spend this much money on something so lame. Student government said they conducted their own survey and found that 85 percent of UVSC students wanted a football team. Well I want a new car too....the question is can I afford it?

Good to see you Sam....we miss you around the newsroom


I think a sports program is a huge waste in any school. I think that sports in schools, is a wast of resources. I don't see a lot of players in the sports programs going on to be a pro. Yes it happens, but to a very small percentage. There are a lot of other programs in the school that should be better funded because they will result in careers. The arts are severely under-funded by UVSC and other Utah Schools. While this is not the only under-funded program, it is the one I pay attention to. From what I have seen there are more musicians coming out of our schools, that go on to a career in music. Playing with a symphony and doing private recording gigs, will provide a good living. You do have to have talent too, but I know musical talent is not hard to come by in this area. Music is not the only program that would benefit from more money. The Sciences could use better funding, the standard and general classes could be funded better. Why do schools even have a sports team? I like sports don't get me wrong. Every Sunday I watch the Denver Broncos, because they are my team, but I don't pay money to have them be my team. They need to find another way to have a football team at the school. I shouldn't have to pay for it, and school funds should not be set aside for it. It's useless.

College Sports

I'm with you Spaceboy....too much money and attention is wasted on college sports. Remember what Ricks did a few years back when they became BYU-I? They got rid of their sports programs and concentrated on Intermurals. Within a very short time they had one of the best programs in the country, with well over half of all students participating in some kind of intermural activity (not just athletics). Think about what UVSC could do if they scrapped their program, or at least scaled it back considerably. You certainly wouldn't see these consistant 20 dollar student fee hikes every year. And just maybe you could get more students involved on campus.

The problem is that administratotrs see those few schools who's athletic programs are a cash cow and they get envious. It seems so simple: Have great athletics and alumni dollars and TV money will just come pouring in. Look at the numbers though...most athletics programs don't make money, most are lucky to break even. This year at our "biggest game of the year" versus Weber State we had to hand out free pizza to everyone who showed up, just so we could say "Look, 3000 people showed up." How is this helping the general student body?

One more reason to love UVSC Athletics

If you caught yesterday's edition of the Deseret News (click here) you saw that UVSC has once again been forced to make yet another bond payment for their recently constructed Baseball stadium. That is because their major coporate sponsor, Parkway Crossing Apartments, has once again failed to hold up their end of the agreement to donate $1.7 million in exchange for naming rights on the stadium.

In the article UVSC spokesman Derek Hall says that the money to make the unexpected payment came from the plant and auxilary fund, and he wasn't sure if that would come from state funds or student fees/tuition. What he doesn't say in the article is that Utah County, who issued the $6.5 million bond for the stadium, had the school back up the plan with student fees. That means if the school is unable to get donors, or come up with another funding solution student fees will be raised to make the yearly bond payments.

Oh, and by the way, UVSC is responsible for those bond payments until 2013.

The real question is why UVSC would gamble nearly 2 million dollars of their student fee money with the likes of those Park Crossing goons. Again, the Des News article doesn't mention it but there is actually a very interesting coincidence surrounding this marriage between Parkway Crossing and UVSC Athletics. I say marriage because Parkway Crossing co-owner Craig Pickering and UVSC Athletic Director Mike Jacobson are inlaws, their children marrying a few years ago. I'm not saying this is the only reason why UVSC made this poor move, but last April when a College Times reporter broke this story (again, click here) it seemed that while everyone else was putting distance between the school and the apartment complex, Jacobson was falling over himself to keep the deal alive.

So when you think about the feasibility of UVSC football just remember we have been promised a lot of things from these guys...and we always end up paying more and getting less. Merry frickin' Christmas everybody.

Football survey

Student government did admit to the Des News that their survey was "unscientific"
but you are right was total crap

Sports in Provo

I think that most big name sports programs are self funded, but trying to crack into the sports arena costs a lot of $$. It's nice to see some discussion of sports on ProvoPulse I've been reading for a while and haven't seen much sports conversation. I hope to see more.


Student Government still silent about Football

When UVSC started back up last week I ran into my old pal Jared Sumsion and asked him why his PBA powerpoint presentation still hasn't been posted on the PBA homepage. As of tonight that PBA report still hasn't been posted. The content of Student Government's PBA presentation includes their latest incarnation of football at UVSC. Why don't you want us all to see your plans Jared?

New editorial about Football at UVSC

UVSC's new Opinion editor weighs in on the football issue at UVSC, just click here.

ASUVSC's PBA powerpoint finally online

This was a recent powerpoint presentation that the current ASUVSC administration regarding what they want out of this year. The football stuff is towards the end. They don't say much...they just want your money.

so why doesn't the paper

so why doesn't the paper conduct their OWN survey as well? It would be interesting when you find out that student government made up their results.


This survey is total bullshit. (Am I allowed to say that on this site?)

If this is the same ASUVSC "survey" I took about a month ago, it was ridiculous. It had about four or five questions on a piece of paper. Something like "What would do to improve UVSC?" "What would do to improve the testing center?" "What having a footbal team at UVSC make the atmosphere more positive?"

They were a string of unrelated questions, and the football question in general said something about making the atmosphere more positive. It didn't say, "Do you think UVSC should have a football team?"