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Season 2 of the Provo Podcast - NEW SITE!

Season 2 of the Provo Podcast (Season 1 available on DVD at BestBuy and WalMart)

The new website has been spanked into existence by the local artists of Provo.

Provopodcast #18 with Blake Henderson playing hymns!


ok, so why is blocked on BYU internet for pornography?

Provo Porn!

That's so awesome! We had no idea.

This takes the entire operation up like three notches. Seriously, we are stoked.

Oh, I know why

Its blocked because when they saw you log in, they just assumed you were searching for porn, beebs. No worries, the administration says its a cool site, no blocking happening this time. But nice try.

Cecil digs this site, anyway.

Today it is working, but it

Today it is working, but it shows the site as being parked by GoDaddy (I guess that means reserved?). I don't have to log on, I live on campus. And when I made that post, it really was blocked for pornography. It doesn't surprise me though. I went to one of my friend's homepages a month ago and it was blocked for pornography (which there was none of), so I had to send in a request to get it unblocked.

Parking meter

It must be parked because of the cool new mp3 player they're putting up on their site.