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The dreaded parking ticket

I recieved a parking ticket from Provo City about 2 months ago, that I have not yet paid. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what will happen to me if this is never paid?

25 to life...

Actually, no, not really. I've been issued two tickets by Provo City Corp. this year, neither of which were legit and both of which I contested. Stories below:
First ticket was just north of BYU's Taylor Building, where there are several signs spaced out that say "2-Hour Parking." I had to go to work, so I parked a long ways from the signs (approx. 60 feet). Got ticketed anyways. I contested it, checked the municipal code, which doesn't specify the radius of effect of the sign (typically the law has to codify within what distance the signs have meaning). Judge sent me back a response within a week, indicating I had 10 days to pay the fine before it doubled. I won't get into the conflict-of-interest regarding a judge issuing rulings on tickets that pay her salary, but whatever.
The other one I got was uber-retarded, because I checked state law (which pre-empts local law) and was in full compliance. I'd just purchased another automobile, waited in line at the DMV to get a temp permit, line was too long, drove home anyways. I had to park on the street because my landlord wasn't home and I couldn't get a parking permit. I walk out the next morning, and have an "expired registration" ticket on my automobile. I contested this for a number of reasons, including the following:
State law allows a 48-hour period between receipt of automobile and delivery of title, meaning there's a de facto 48-hour period during which time you're legally able to drive an unregistered vehicle (providing you have a properly dated bill of sale).
I made a good faith effort to get a temp permit.
I made a good faith effort to get a parking permit and therefore keep my car on private property.
Did the judge care? Nope; I got a fine reduction, that was about it. But the best part?
I sent in my contestment in October. I just assumed my contesting the ticket was successful, as I saw nothing in the mail regarding it. Finally, over 6 weeks later (sometime in the last 10 days), I finally hear back from them. Apparently the post office machine ate my later and it sat there until they finally got it out during the Thanksgiving holiday. Over a 40-day period, the fines double and double again.
At this point, I'll just call it even; I don't feel like contesting it again on the grounds of post office ineptitude to get the fine back to what it was initially. Since my car is wearing a different set of plates now (it's registered in my name as opposed to the previous owners, ergo the plate change), it's unlikely if I get issued another ticket that this'll even come up.
The only time you'll have a problem is if you get another ticket, in which case they might boot your car until you pay off your last one.
So drive careful and park careful, no problem (it's not even a moving violation, so if Provo PD pulls you over, I don't think this'll show up on a routine plate-run). If you're going to make a habit of illegal parking, exlpect your car to get booted if you don't pay.
My two cents; hope it was clear.

One correction

I should mention that the post office machine ate their response to me, not my contestment to them. Sorry if that confused anybody.

Pay the ticket, dummy!

You parked illegally, you pay the ticket. Provo has such a parking problem, and people like you who assume that they have some sort of immunity to laws is exactly why booters/towers can make such a killing here. I'm not going to use some kind of chump-change argument like "Oooooh! Be honest with your fellow man!", or how you're going against the whole idea of "honoring and sustaining the law". Rather, it's morons like yourself who park illegally, and then rip up tickets that make booting necessary.

If people like yourself took a little freaking personal responsibility, there'd be no booters, because tickets would be an effective deterrent to parking illegally. Instead, Utah Valley Retardsâ„¢ or "Utardsâ„¢" like yourself continually park where you ought not, continually get tickets, continually ignore them, and continually make it worse for all of us.

I'll bet if Provo City started a "no strikes" stance towards illegal parking and towed every single time, you'd be griping about how unfair it was that you had to pay an exorbitant impound fee. Instead, you're given a chance to just own up to your bad choice on your own, without having your car removed, but you just can't handle that, can you?

Amount of money spent on tickets: $0
Amount of money spent on boots: $0
Number of times parked illegally: 0
Not being a "Utard": Priceless!

First off, I agree with

First off, I agree with Hoqenishy... pay the ticket! Time to grow up and face the music.

Secondly, if it isn't paid it will be taken from your tax refund when you file your taxes.

Self-righteousness is aggravating from everybody

I don't know who you're referring to, Hoqenishy, but for the record: I paid my first ticket. I didn't pay the second because it took them 2 months to inform me that, after all, I needed to pay, triple the original fine. This was grossly unfair because the error was committed by another branch of the government. They could have just e-mailed me a response, but due to their bureaucracy, they chose to delay it. I'm not responsible for what they claim to be 80$ worth of error on their behalf. And I was in the right to begin with.
I've never been booted; I've never gotten a speeding ticket; and I've never been in an at-fault accident.
And calling the locals "Utards" doesn't exactly make you look great either. I'm from California, and I hate being stereotyped. I'm sure the locals feel the same.
I agree with what others have said, though; follow procedure if you get a ticket. That means contest it if you think you're right, and pay it if it's apparent you're wrong.
And Aimee, sorry, but you're wrong. Tickets are issued by PRovo City Corporation, which has absolutely no authority outside of Provo. Taxes are filed for Utah and Federal (if you work here), of which neither entity would be aware of a municipality issuing a ticket for something that's not even considered a misdemeanor.
That's it.

First of all-Wow I never

First of all-Wow I never expected such blatant meanness in response
Second-I don't care what you all think of me, I was just wondering what might happen to me if the ticket was never paid
Third-Kole hit it right on the head, the zoning here sucks and there is not near enough parking spaces for the people who live in my area.
Fourth-It was at the beginning of the semester and I was working over full-time (when I say full-time I mean BYU full time or 20 hours a week and I went over because I work for catering and they let you get away for that) and going to school full time as well. It was absolutly impossible for me to get up to North Orem to get a parking pass for my parking garage (because I was going to school/working between 9 and 5 when the place is open), there are absolutely NO spaces on the street within 2 blocks of where I live, and my BYU pass from the previous year had expired. I parked in the 2 hour spaces across from Brick Oven and got ticked at 9 in the morning.

My apologies...

Jen, if you felt any of the meanness was directed to you. I agree there is a parking problem; using pejoratives like "Utards" is probably not a swift way to fix it (thus my comments to Hoqenishy).
I hope my comments were helpful and that no offense was inferred from them, as none was intended.

Ive gotten a few tickets

Ive gotten a few tickets before. My advice is just to pay them - sure it may be BS, but it's hardly worth the time to save $25.

Provo does have such a

Provo does have such a parking problem. It's impossible to park within two blocks of where you need to go. The city has zoned poorly. Apartment complexes do not have adequate parking.

Booters acknowledged that most of their victims are first time offenders which indicates ignorance. Maybe jen didn't park illegally on accident. In any case, it's nice of you to assume the worst and toss out all sorts of accusations.

Jen just go be honest with the city. And if you knowingly parked illegally then pay up, it is the honest thing to do. And don't pay attention to self-righteous folks like hoqenishy. Holier-than-thou stances are pretty characteristic of his chosen term, "Utard."

Wow, Hoqenishy, you're nice.

Wow, Hoqenishy, you're nice.

a large percentage of

a large percentage of university parking enforcement's booting and towing occurs in complexes where adequate parking is not an issue. parking enforcement is mandatorily used by byu-approved housing to enforce the honor code and keep students from having sex

project mayhem

No worries. I really liked

No worries. I really liked all of your comments. They were very helpful, and actually answered my original question. I don't know what else I can say about the rest of the cotton-headed-ninny-muggin's on here. (By the way, if you haven't seen Elf, its about time)

In short: not you

You did pay your tickets, and I'm glad. If I was replying to your comment, I think it'd indent right below yours. My post was pointed towards the author.

The term "utard" isn't exclusive to people living in the Utah valley, rather, it refers to those who have obvious and repeated bad habits of driving (at least when motor vehicles are concerned), that can be found in other parts of the country, but are markedly concentrated in this area. I've met people (okay, okay, a person) from happy valley that didn't drive like his calling and election had been made sure, but everyone else seem to park their common sense when they put the shifter in gear. I'd rather drive in heavy DC-area beltway traffic than around here, and I'm not alone in that bewildering sentiment, either.

Simply put, "Jen" needs to step up to the plate here, and take responsibility, plain and simple. If you made a mistake, no big deal, just learn your lesson, pay the fine, and move on, instead of trying to figure out how to evade it - anything else is self-righteous in the sense that you're basically saying you're above taking responsibility for your own actions.


Here's what you said:
Excuses, excuses, whine, whine, blah blah blah I parked illegally blah, blah, blah.

You admit that you parked where you weren't supposed to, despite the fact that you had the ability to get a parking permit. Pay the fine, and move on. It's that simple. Where's the disconnect here?

Your the "Utard" believing in fairy tales

The city would have to forward the claim to the state who would have to note it for your taxes. Not likely, in fact barely possible considering Provo issues thousands of tickets many of which go unpaid by out of staters and others.

Statistics just for kicks

Utah's actually fairly middle-of-the-road in regards to traffic fatalities, and fares pretty well when compared to states with similar weather and urban/rural population distribution (we can expect more fatalities in snowy North Dakota than Mississippi, for instance, because of weather). Utah ranks 28th in safety, which is pretty much in the middle.

I've personally had no beef driving with Utahns, though the first snowstorm of the year is always sure to cause hundreds of accidents on I'15, like we just witnessed.

You are mean. And frizzy.

You are mean. And frizzy.