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Student suspended for removing hidden camera from bathroom

Over the line? You decide:

WMAZ News [Georgia]
Cindy Champion says her son, Mac Bedor, and a few of his friends took the camera out of the ceiling because they felt it violated their privacy. Champion says her son brought the camera home to show her that afternoon. She says when she contacted the Jasper County Comprehensive School, she found out high school principal, Howard Fore, put the camera there. She says Fore told her he put the camera in the boys' bathroom to catch students vandalizing. Champion says her son is now suspended for taking school property...

[Howard Simms, Bibb County District Attorney] says cameras in public school bathrooms are legal because schools have more leeway on privacy issues.

Ok. Yes. That sounds about right.

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If I was that kid I'd sneak

If I was that kid I'd sneak into the school and install a camera in the principal's office.

I guess there's a thin line

between comitting a lewd act involving a minor and "enforcing vandalism rules".

I don't even see how they get away with these kinds of things.