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A Good Move

from the things-you-probably-shouldn't-sell-on-ebay dept.
If you were in church today and your bishopric did what they were supposed to you heard the announcement about the further security being taken to prevent garments from getting into the hands of those that would use them for lucrative gains.

I for one am extremely happy that this measure has been taken. I'm tired of seeing protesters out side of the Conference Center waving garments to passers by. Currently there are people who are selling garments to the highest bidder on eBay. It's good to know that it will now be harder for those people to aquire the garments. I've often thought what those protesters would think if I took a crucifix and used it to roast marshmallows. They'd be ticked.

I believe this to be a very good move. I just wonder why the First Presidency has waited so long to make this type of requirement to purchase garments. I'm just glad they did.

I didn't hear the announcement

Well I guess my bishopric isn't completely on the ball as far as announcements go since I didn't hear anything about this.

For anyone who did hear the announcement, what exactly did they say? I'm assuming it was that you'll need to show your temple recommend when you go to buy garments ...

Wow Spencer thanks for the submission!


The announcement

Im not sure why it hasnt been done before now. But interesting, I was on the church distrobution site earlier and when you go to the ceremonial clothing section of the site, you have to enter your temple reccomend number to proceed. Even then they dont show pictures of what you're buying. I dont know if it was that way before, but something tells me that a month or two ago, it probably wasnt. And im sure that they didnt do it before because there would have been to many upset mormons living in rural utah towns where theyve never seen a nonmember.