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Attention Utah Valley writers

The Utah Valley Monitor, a collaborative blog, wants your articles, essays, recipes, photographs, short stories, long stories, poetry, heads-ups, book reports, DVD reviews, restaurant reviews and more.

Good credit? Bad credit? NO PROBLEM! You will not be turned down! (But your writing needs to be decent.)

Write for us

UC Haven as well!

If your more of a high school student, would probably be the better place.

Good point

The Monitor is particularly for BYU and UVSC students, and we definitley need more BYU contributors at this point. We want to cover the whole valley, but BYU and UVSC are our starting points.

What appeals to you? Books? Art? Politics? Start your own column and send it to us. Soon Google will know who you are. It's a great way to build yourself a publishing reputation! :D

Utah Valley blogs eh?


how much does it pay?

how much does it pay?

its cool that the site will

its cool that the site will be featuring snide remarks - which eric promised to never give away for free again! Is he being paid?

As per the provided link...

"But let's get this out of the way first: Any money we make from advertising gets put right back into the site. However, we think there are a number of benefits of writing for the Monitor. Here are five obvious ones..."