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Stupid. I know. But see if you can beat my 24.68. [Link]

Yeah... I had some free time.

I just got a 26.531

That was easy!

So on my first try I got 53.39

Go Big or Go Home!


36.03...I got lucky.


I Hacked my way to a 5 min run LOL
all u do is set ur box in top right corner bout 3 secs into game and right click it, then go properties.
when u continue the game the time should be added on

Hey, hot-shot

Hey, hot-shot guess what I just got? 68.325 Yea, I have extremely fast reflexes. My doctor says it's a disorder... I say it's a gift... *gazes up at the light and listens to singing chorus*

Seriously, that game is all about reflexes. It's all in the wrist, man...


you guys are dumb. your connection speed is just slow. thats why you get such a high score. if you had faster internet it would be a lot harder. duhhh!


depends which comp your on as some you can pause it but the timer keeps running
i found this out when my friend got 48
but i got 25.922 without doing that

umm ... You sure about that?

umm ... You sure about that?