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Hinckley challenge update

Just curious how everyone is doing with President Hinckley's "read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year" challenge.

I, personally, didn't start a concerted effort until the beginning of this month because I always took about 2 months to finish it in the mission field...last-minute thinking I know...unfortunately it turns out I'm not quite as dedicated to scripture reading with my current schedule as I was in the mission field. Can anyone say "December 31st marathon?"

Well, this state of anxiety made me think it would be a great idea for a cartoon over at So, here it is.

I keep thinking come Jan 1

I keep thinking come Jan 1 Hinckley is going t omake an announcement "All of you who did the reading will be receving get into heaven free cards in the mail shortly. Everyone who was too lazy to follow my counsel will be dying shortly and going to hell."

But Im not through 2nd Nephi yet.

maybe he'll say " i never

maybe he'll say " i never actually made this supposed challenge. what are you all talking about???"

Just Noticed This...

Just Noticed This...

I Don't Always Agree with What Tyler says but I'm not Scared to listen to him either. Besides I'm pretty sure this was a joke, not a cutting remark. Or Maybe even an interesting observation.

Anyway I laughed when i saw this from you.

I would like to inform everybody that is using this site, that I am making it a personal vendetta to bite back all those who bite at others. I will be watching those who quote people and criticize them without making a relevant addition to the discussion. When I see someone who does this, I will respond to all their comments I can with the same ridiculous assumptions and comments they used.

Do not think that this is a joke. It is unfair that so many smart people can have a great discussion, then have it ruined by some genius who tries to tear them down without any real knowledge of the subject.

This site is a great idea that has all to often been ruined by irrational pride seekers. I will be watching ALL! Nobody is immune!

Enjoy the discussions!

what does he say!?!?!

So my co-worker and I have listened to this cartoon about 20 times and still cannot discern what he says after "stupid harry potter book" in the beginning. Any one with super hearing that can figure it out?

Either that or

Either that or he'll say "everyone who did it is invited to come to Missouri to stay near the new temple we're building..."


I am sure that is what he will say Tyler. I think you have it all figured out. Keep up the good work on your struggling testimony!

I am sure that is what he

I am sure that is what he will say Tyler. I think you have it all figured out. Keep up the good work on your struggling testimony!

Whoa there the biter, sounds like someone needs to back off the biting sarcasm, drop the hypocrisy, and let the light of the Lord back into their life!

Speaking in tongues

In the original script, and before the "cat" sound effect was put in, Ether Jones says, "Stupid Harry Potter, sucking up all my time..."

In the original recording the voice actor trailed off so it sounded more like, "stupid Harry Potter sucking up all my..."

There you have it, a behind-the-scenes sneak peak.

"I offer a challenge to

"I offer a challenge to members of the Church throughout the world and to our friends everywhere to read or reread the Book of Mormon. If you will read a bit more than one and one-half chapters a day, you will be able to finish the book before the end of this year."

the challenge was to reread the book of mormon - not to reread it by the end of the year.the latter is just a side note of what one can do.

Thanks, PastoMan! I guess I

Thanks, PastoMan! I guess I can get back to work now. Stupid, sucking up all my...

Just kidding, Mason, I love you, man.


That probably wasn't necessary.

I boot you, BOOTERS RULE, and The Biter?

Could it really be true? Another Provo-ite falls for the lure of a cold-hearted career at UPE make-money-at-the-expense-of-poor-students?

There are places for people like you?, The Biter. Hey, we're all here to help you take that first step...

Struggling Testimony

I'd like to interject with my two cents on the utter arrogance of the statement "good work on your struggling testimony" to someone who clearly has no desire to have one.

When someone says that I am "struggling" with my testimony I simply reply, "Oh, there's no struggle at all. My 'testimony' of the non-truthfulness of the church is very strong. I KNOW the church isn't true with every fiber of my being."

And then I burst into tears.

church news

actually, the challenge was made not in a talk, but in the monthly First Presidency message in the Ensign. the church news last week reminded people of the challenge to complete it by the end of the year, and even mentioned that, had you started reading the week of the challenge, you'd be toward the end of Alma by now.


It's good to see you're still out there! Long time no see.

my quote is from the august

my quote is from the august ensign where this challenge was supposedly given. however, whether or not he intended this 'challenge' to be construed in this way, it has definitely been adopted by the membership as a challenge.

it still appears to me that this whole challenge business is a misinterpretation taken for a rise.

alive and kicking

yes, i've been a bit busy. moved from washington back to happy valley this summer. joy.

a pox on their children

those folks at the church news are leading us astray...

wouldn't be the first time

wouldn't be the first time the news got something wrong