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New York Doll opens in Provo this Friday

**Watch the trailer** This is far and away the best LDS movie yet. I raved about this movie here last January after seeing it at Sundance. After ten long months it has finally been released. It sold out New York City opening night and 24 of 27 reviews have been very positive.

It is a documentary that tells the story of a hometeachee filmed by his hometeacher. It includes his conversion story complete with a description of the answer to his prayer asking whether the Book of Mormon is true. It testifies powerfully that there is in fact a God and audiences are responding. At the Q&A with the director following a screening in Salt Lake last weekend the director said that audiences outside Utah are actually more emotional at the end than the audiences here.

This is what Mormon cinema was meant to be. It has powerful lesson for LDS people and everyone else. It's a message of tolerance, love, and answered prayers. Please go see this movie. There may be more dramatic, LDS make-believe movies out there scripted to make you respond in specific ways at specific times, but nothing is more powerful than a true story, told directly from the heart. The spirit that accompanies this movie is so remarkable that is has been mentioned in several of the reviews from across the country. I couldn't recommend it more highly.