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Top 10 reasons to go see Decaf Comedy Jam on Wednesday

Alright everyone. This is going to be our best show yet. You shouldn't miss it for anything. (If you're dying or in labor than that is excusable.)

Here are the top 10 reasons you should come to our show:

10. Now that you're not in YM/YW, what else are you doing on Wednesday night?

9. You haven't seen good improv since that time you walked in on your roommate and your ex-girlfriend. ("Uh, hey dude, we were just...studying.")

8. You're Mom said to.

7. Finally, a chance to check out the hot UVSC girls without feeling guilty.

6. We are definitely funnier than that one group on campus whose show is currently sold out.

5. Spencer King and Kenny McNett will be doing stand-up comedy! (Perhaps this won't work for all of you.)

4. A chance to be on TV! (We're filming the show for a local production company.)

3. Ladies, half of our cast are still hopelessly single.

2. A special appearance by someone who stirred up controversy in Utah Valley about one year ago.

1. Not one of us is a BOOTER!

Come to the show you guys, it's going to be great.

Decaf Comedy Jam
UVSC Ragan Theater
Nov. 9th, 8:00pm doors open at 7:30
Tickets available at Campus Connection or at the door.
$8 general $6 student