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Elections - Vote Friday, Monday or Tuesday!

That's right, you can vote early instead of waiting till Tuesday:

  • Friday, Nov. 4th -- vote from 8am to 5pm at City Recorder's office in City Hall at 351 W. Center St. (south side of street, go past police station front desk down the hall or park on the south side and come in back door and go the right hallway.)
  • Monday, Nov. 7th -- vote from 7am to 6pm at the City Recorder's office
  • Tuesday, Nov. 8th -- vote from 7am to 8pm at your local precinct. Don't know what precinct you're in? Look it up at Then consult the list of voting locations there -- click on "where to vote" and scroll down to your precinct.

Holy cow, the debate on campus last night was hot. I'm digitizing the video of it tonight and will have it posted up late tonight. You might want to watch it before voting. You'll have the choice of watching the whole thing or just watching the questions/answers/rebuttals that interest you...

The candidates clearly speak for themselves as to which are more student-friendly and which think it's ok to take away some private property rights through zoning -- the debate was very enlightening if you haven't been following the zoning wars here!

Based on their positions here's who to vote for:

  • Adam Clark for Council District 2 (see map at link above to figure out which district you're in)
  • Paul Warner for Council District 5
  • Mark Sumsion for city-wide (EVERYBODY can vote for him.)

Personally I'm still undecided on the mayoral candidates and I might do a write-in conscience candidate.

What do y'all think on who to vote for the council and mayoral candidates?

Also, where do you stand on the Road Bond ballot question? For or against?
See if you're unfamiliar with it.


What a joke. While academic records are private, and this is a clear violation of ethics any way you look at it, I'm sure glad it was done. I'll vote for whoever did it.

You have to love politicians. Will there ever be an honest one?

Video up now!

The debate video is up now at

Also, saw this guest editorial in the Provo Daily Herald on Saturday:
It's by Stan Lockhart who got voted off the city council 2 years ago because of his vote to reduce the # of singles in homes down to 2. That was the main difference between him and Steve Turley.

Check out the 3 rebuttals to it. Good stuff if I don't say so myself. ;)

What do you think?


I live in the tree streets and Cindy Clark has made sure that she makes our lives miserable here. Her entire campaign is about getting students out of the neighborhood houses. It is a classic case of age discrimination and there is no way someone that small minded should be on the city council.

It's wrong. I don't like

It's wrong. I don't like Billings either, but printing out his records? Wrong. There are pleny of other things he could be attacked about. That isn't one of them. I'd hate to think my personal records would be publicized as a dirty campaign tactic.

/I hope someone gets fired for this.

Sorry... but that headline

Sorry... but that headline made me laugh a little bit.

Do we know of any candidates who are for students?