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Debate tonight on BYU campus @ 7:00pm!

Two Debates tonight both @ 7:00pm:

#1. District Council Candidates Debate @ BYU in 3380 Wilkinson Center
(or larger room, go to 3380 first) hosted by College Republicans
District 5: Cindy Richards vs. Adam Clark
District 2: Paul Warner vs. Cindy Clark

This will be a moderated debate with questions/answers and rebuttals. To submit questions, email them to the club chair at Half of the questions will be from tonight's live audience, either by students coming up to the mike or asked proxy by the moderator (not sure which).

Not sure which district you live in? Click on the map that you'll see at or get it from the city's website Scroll down to see info on the 2nd debate/Q&a tonight.

Most students live in Districts 2 and 5. So if you're a student, this is definitely the one to go to.
I recommend that at least some of you ask questions such as:
A. "Where do private property rights end and zoning rights of the government begin?" or
B. "Is it right to reduce the rights of some groups of citizens (provo resident landlords and single people) in order to achieve worthy goals of other citizens (parents)? -- goals such as increased children in the neighborhoods for their kids to play with and lower home prices.
C. "Who owns "the neighborhood"? Do all residents colletively "own" it? Does ownership extend beyond the private property that each homeowner has dominion over? Can homeowners unite to collectively exert control over the minority in the neighborhood?"

It is my understanding that both Cindy Richards and Cindy Clark support the above types of laws. They should be held accountable and asked about their record of supporting it. Such questions as the 3 sample ones above will give you an idea. They're going to hate these questions but they must be asked.

In other words, do the means justify the ends? I want to say to them "Please stop using the euphemism of 'neighorhood preservation' and admit it's about home prices and children for your kids to play with or noise or parking or whatever combination of factors it is, be up front and specifically tell us instead of using a propaganda phrase.
I really think that's what it boils down to -- do the means of micro-managing and stripping away some rights justify their goals as parents advocating for their children?
For every right there's a responsibility, so opposition, please don't twist my words. No matter how nice the parents are -- sadly some of them are not very nice to us -- they're still letting the ends justify the means. I thought that my worth as a child of God, as a human being, as a citizen of America, was not dependent on my marital and parental status. I'll fight for my kids too -- but not while hurting my single brothers and sisters and not while hurting retired grandparents who live in Provo and rent out a 2nd home. There's got to be a solution that is fair to all parties.

We've been relatively ignored for too long while we've been extending our hand inviting those in power to take some time to sit down with us one-on-one and actually listen to us as real people. So far they've been too busy to meet with us. I hope some of them still do before the election. I'll let you know if any that do. It's an open invitation.

Lastly, please remember this impassioned plea from a mother and sister with 3 children --,1442,455029833,00.html

#2. City-wide Council Candidates & Mayor Candidates Q & A
@ Springcreek Elementary - S. Nevada Ave. hosted by South Provost neighborhood.
Mayor: Lewis Billings vs. Dave Bailey
Council City-wide: Mark Sumsion vs. George Stewart

Question & Answer open-format from the audience. Questions? call Denise Bonnett (ph?) or Jeremiah Maughan @ 358-7607.

Pick one and go to it! Don't let apathy infect you! :)

Roger Brown

Thanks! Let me know what you think about my editorial please.