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No vertical signage

4 boots and over $200 later, I finally catch University Parking on a technicality. It has been a long, grueling relationship we've had, UPE (University Parking Enforcement) and I. It reminds me of my last relationship: so bad that you don't want to end it because you're too shocked that you started it in the first place.

I wish I could say I had the answer to all our booting problems. But for now, just "pray about it."

The only answer I provide is for those who park in handicapped spaces in their own parking lot, where there is no vertical sign. I mean, no vertical signage.

First, let us all give a belittling "shout-out" to Provo City for coming up with the "sickest" word that... they've ever come up with: "signage."

So there is only one, to be politically correct, physically retarded person living at my apartment complex. It parks in the same spot everyday. This leaves two very precious parking spaces available which I decided to covet for about two days. Then I actually started parking in them.

After two beautiful weeks of non-comptetitive parking (because the other physically normal people were too afraid of the UPE), I was booted. Ironically, I caught the boot the morning I really needed to be on time to work.

So, I call the booter, accept the blame, booter comes, I pay, boot comes off, I get to work late.

You may be thinking: "well Brian, you deserved it." My response,"You suck and you're wrong."

Under Utah state traffic code 41-1a-414 (1) and (a), in order for a parking space to be considered "accessible parking space," there needs to be "vertical signage, including the international symbol of accessibility, that is visible from a passing vehicle." In other words, any physically normal person can park there without penalty.

My response after research: filed "official appeals form" available at and disputed charge with Wells Fargo.

With that, UPE, I must say this is just not working out for either of us.

Free concert

Oh, there's a kickin' concert at liberty square on Halloween night. It's a new band called "vertical signage." It's free, unless you get booted.

My response after research:

My response after research: filed "official appeals form" available at and disputed charge with Wells Fargo.

Well... good luck. Let's hope UPE's appeal board will appeal UPE's decision. I wouldn't get my hopes up though. Money seems to be the god of this town all too often.


I just had a few Q's for you about your story:

What complex are you referring to?

Why exactly where you booted?

Could you please submit the whole Utah traffic code referring to sinage instead of para-phrasing it please? It looks like by what you wrote, it is referring to handicap stalls but not sure.

"So there is only one, to be politically correct, physically retarded person living at my apartment complex. It parks in the same spot everyday."
I dont know if anyone feels the same as I do, but this phrase isnt very politically correct, as the author says it is. Referring to a PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED person by using the word "IT" isnt very nice either.

Okay look folks, if you get

Okay look folks, if you get booted unfairly, just take the boot off and toss it in the garbage. It's not that hard. I've seen it done.

/Booting companies are about as awesome as landlords around here. Scum.

Why Were you parked in a Handicapped Spot?

Bleach... Trust me there is nothing more annoying then watching those empty handicapped spots go unused (Except when the handicapped people park poorly i.e over 2 spots or on the line etc.) But you kind of have to expect something to happen if you park in one of those spots.

Don't get me wrong I sincerly believe that all booters are hartless bastards and ive never even been booted. Its just wrong Injustice doesn't have to happen to you to be wrong. It just is...

The other night I pulled up into my complex and parked legally right next to a car that was apparently parked illegaly because there was a booter there who gleafully ran back from the ilegally parked car to his own in preperation to boot it. My friends and I just stood next to my car staring at him for about ten minuets till he put the boot back in his car and left. I don't know if he simply returned later to finish the job but at least he could feel how much we hated him at that moment.

Good Luck there Bleach

El Mad Dog... Trust me, I

El Mad Dog... Trust me, I was trying to get away with parking in the handicapped stall. It just so happens that I may have found a way out of it, and I will pursue that cause until I win or come to a dead end.

Well I hope you did learn a Valuable Lesson...

I guess just to be on the safe side you will be more carefull where you park eh?

Booters still suck though

props to bleach...

I'll tell you what....i'm impressed with the way the "bleachmyster" has handled this situation. I once heard about a disgruntled guy that got booted and went to the UPE and shot up the place and then turned the gun on himself. man...that guy had problems. I'm just glad that bleach hasn't gone to that extreme.

They do inspire Hatred...

Not to make this into just one more post about how evil the booters are or how much we hate them... It would be kind of nice if there were a few more alternatives for revenge that don't actually require a gun...

Wow, I just noticed that

Wow, I just noticed that this article has almost 2000 reads. Way to go bleach.

But I forgot to ask you before, how is it that you've been booted four times? How long have you been around here? Even I, who hates booters and their business with a passion, can't help but think you're the kind of guy I'm glad the booters are around for (ooh, I really hesitate to say that). Four times? I just don't have any sympathy for people who double park, or park in my spot, or don't live in my complex but park there anyway. I can't imagine you've been illegitimately booted four times. If you have, you're one freaking unlucky guy. In which case let's form a club called, "Unluckiest guys ever."

You have a point...

You know this has been on my mind lately. Well ever since i started reading these posts. I too Hate the people who choose to park poorly. It agrevates me that instead of taking an extra 20 seconds to park well they leave thier car over 2 spots or on the line. It's stupid that i have to look for legal parking while others will just risk it and park where they shouldn't.

And Yet... I still Hate the booters. I think most of it stems from seeing people booted who don't desearve it. I think i am also willing to side with the students rather then the booters (Giving them the benefit of the doubt)

Maybe if we could find booters that had souls then they wouldn't be such a bad thing. I'm not sure just my thoughts again.

Bleach = unluckiest guy ever

Thanks, Farker. Funny you should mention the 2000, because the 2000th reader of my post will get a free t-shirt that doesn't say anything on it.

I'm sorry, I should have mentioned my previous three encounters with UPE. Well, here they are in no particular order:

1. It was a dark, cold, dreary night. My girlfriend wanted to "talk." The quotes indicate the tone in which she requested this pre-arranged misery. Did I mention it was a dreary night? I chose the somewhat less than private Kiwanas park playground, hoping to ease the tension by running into someone I could ask, "hey, did you serve in Brazil with [insert any name you have ever heard of here]." I parked in the completely elementary school parking lot, adjacent to the park, at about 12:30 AM.

We capped off the 3 hours of communication hell with a phone call to UPE because I had been booted in the middle of the completely empty parking lot. I was technically in the wrong. I mean, who am I to deprive elementary school kids of night school parking spaces?

I'll have to finish writing the other two experiences tomorrow. I need to leave from work now so I have time to find a parking spot close to my class...not to bring up the issue...

Man I Could Really Use That Shirt

See... Not thats just dumb, I can understand if parking is being taken away from someone who actually has a need for it (i.e my spot at my complex) but to be booted in an empty parking lot. Thats just stupid. Who was we hurting?

El Mad Dog wins the shirt!!!

Well, some of you may be pleased to know that I found an awesome parking spot, so I wasn't late to class yesterday.

To finish answering Farker's question:

Booting experience #2:

So, I went with that same girlfriend to the ever popular, where-everything-is-over-priced-but-the-milk Smith's. I hate their milk. We drove back to her place and I parked just long enough to take ONE load of groceries in (always gotta do it in one trip). I went back out to my car after dropping the groceries off on her kitchen floor [elapsed time: 3 min]. My car was booted.

Booting experiense #3:

It was about 2 AM, and my friend called me over to hang out. So, I found, what looked like visitor parking (the lot was completely empty) and parked. I came out 30 minutes later only to find UPE's signature effin "you've been booted and we will take away your family if you so much as breathe on the boot."

Okay, all were legitimate violations. And I happily paid the first three tickets.

I like Smiths...

Ok so it always smells bad back there by the milk but at least they are open 24/7. Tell me more about my shirt eh?

This totally brings me back to my (booters = lack of souls) comment. The whole 3 minutes thing totally sticks in my craw. Once again who was he hurting. I'm with Farker, park in my spot and I'll come after you. But booting me for being there 3 minutes. Bleach was your trunk open or anything? Or any other indication of your intentions to not stay there very long.

I'm sure someone is going to tell me it doesn't matter how long he was there "The Law's the Law" Booters aren't the police they aren't there to enforce laws.

I like El Mad Doggie style...

I like the way you think mad dog...hows it workin' out for ya....ya know...being clever...

Who me?

Bleach, Pulsation, Lets get something clear. Whether or not i rock has never been the question. Of course i rock. JK guys i don't need someone to come on here and tell me to get off my ego trip.

These guys just make me extremely angry and i generally consider myself to be a happy individual. Like i have said in the past i have never been booted and i hope that i never am. I just empathize with those who have been. Lets just move to some kind of independant ticket system with a legitamate appeals process.

Yes you!

Ok el mad dog, let me tell you something. I come on here with the decency to "uplift" you and you tell me to that right? thats right..... i'll continue to compliment you, even in times of trouble!

Just Get Back to WORK!!!

People like you drive me crazy. You cry and cry about something that you absolutely deserve. You try to find every way possible to cheat the system and then you get upset when you get caught. In fact, I bet you are writing all of this while you are at work and cheating your employer of work time. I think that you need to stop crying and get back to real work.

il Capo?...or il Crapo?

Hey I'll throw in another 10. Man those guys are scum.

Hello there everyone!

Just a few comments:

Yes there have been over 2000 hits to this article. But have you guys noticed that it's just like 3 or 4 people that made those hits? Every time you click on "comments" it records it as a hit. Anyway, just an observation.

I find in funny that everytime someone is against what you say, you accuse them of being a booter. Believe it or not, but not everyone hates booters.

Bleach still hasnt answered my question: WHY WERE YOU BOOTED? You just talk about signage. Are you gonna fight it because there was no sign or something? That is what I get from your comments, but still not 100% clear.

Farker- I find you very ignorant of the law. You mentioned that you can just throw away the boot and everything will be okay. Before you dispense your advise I would look into it a little bit more. If Someone removes a boot, and they are prosecuted, they could be charged with one or all of the following:

1) Wrongful Appropriation
2) Theft of Product
3) Criminal Mischief
4) Theft of Services

Also, I like how you encourage people to shoot booters with paint ball guns. Is that how you retaliate against all that you dissagree with? That is very Christlike. Stealing boots and injuring people. Well, Mr. BYU student, see you at church on Sunday.

Booters Do Not Rule...

I like the way that you make us the aggressors here. Booters would probably be nice people... IF THEY DIDN'T BOOT CARS... or even if they would just have a consience about what they did.

Maybe we won't see you at church on sunday... encouraging injustice and stealing students time/money.

Ok so some times it might get out of hand...

I'm not actually a booter and i don't always think that all booters are right. I do however believe that the parking situation needs to be delt with in Provo.

I can't really have sympathy for Bleach here though I mean am i the only one who see's parking in a handicapped spot as a bad thing. So Maybe i'm not as harsh as Booters Rule (he kinds seems like and idiot) but i don't really sympathize here for Bleach either.

Any Updates...?

So its pretty clear where we stand on this subject (Booters Rule Excluded). But instead of making this just another place to voice out hatred i would really like to find out what happend.

Bleach, Let us know if the whole apeal process is working or not. I would love to go through legal measures to fight UPE and the scum that follow them, but if it doesn't work then we really need to get the Paintball Fund started.

Just one question... Asking for an honest answer.

I'm not wanting to spark a big contentious argument. I already know how you feel about people of my occupation, so please skip all that. Although I know it stinks to be booted, I dont understand your views, and I want an honest answer to this question. If you owned an apartment complex, and had a problem with parking, what would you do? Or who would you call?


I agree that there are companies out there who are more dishonest than the next, so if your issues are concering integrity I understand why you feel the way you do.
When I said I didn't understand your views, I should have clarified... What I meant was this: Why is your anger directed toward us, (booters and towers in general, not just UPE) when we are bound by contract to enforce rules given to us?... You said you would contract with a parking enforcement company. That would include giving them the specific rules you would want enforced in your parking lot. Are you angry with UPE only, or all booters in general?

Why is your anger directed

Why is your anger directed toward us, (booters and towers in general, not just UPE) when we are bound by contract to enforce rules given to us??

Nobody is angry about booters who tow away cars that ought not be there, allowing them to park where they live. The anger and frustration comes because booters and towers (in general, but UPE is a shining example) tend to be way overbearing in the "enforcing" of contract rules. Parking enforcement is just way overdone. You don't see cops pulling people over for going 1mph over the speed limit (okay, Provo may be an exception to that), and why not? Why don't police pull people over for stopping at a stop light with their cars hanging three inches over the crosswalk line? Why are people not written up for arriving three or four minutes late to work? The answer to all of these: rules and laws aren't written so those enforcing them can make money. It's to provide order. Besides yourselves, who are you (booters and towers) serving by booting a car at an elementary school at 3AM on a Saturday night in an otherwise empty parking lot? Who is being protected when you boot a car where the guy parks for three minutes to help a girl take in her groceries? Yourselves. Nobody else. It doesn't serve the landlord, it doesn't serve the tenants, and it doesn't serve society. Using a contract to say it's okay and necessary is ridiculous. Contracts are a means, not an invitation to abuse.

You said you would contract with a parking enforcement company. That would include giving them the specific rules you would want enforced in your parking lot. Are you angry with UPE only, or all booters in general?

I would contract with a parking enforcement company, but only because local law, as I understand, prohibits me from enforcing parking on my own. And as said, I'd immediately get to work changing that policy. As I said, UPE is just a huge example of booting companies that go out of their way to "enforce contracts," as you say, in order to line their pockets.

Can you not see the conflict of interest here?

I understand you, do you understand me?

Thanks for your point of view, or your take on the subject... I do see our conflict of interest. Unfortunately we will never come to some type of comfortable middle ground that we both feel is fair. You are a student, as am I. School takes a large part of my day, so when I heard I could work 4 hours a night, 3-4 nights a week and make more than my job of 25-30 hours a week I jumped at the chance. Since booting is the job putting me through school, it IS financially in my best interest to enforce rules to the "T". I dont expect anybody to fully understand that, but like any other job, if i only put forth a half effort I lose money, and possibly employment. By saying this I'm not looking for empathy, but do you understand?
On a side note... For a couple weeks I thought I had an idea about who you are... and now I actually know that it IS you. You have no clue that I'm even a booter! Isn't that funny? See you around.


I'm sick of reading all of this back and forth crap! My car was towed from a red curb in Raintree, and I'm pissed because I wouldnt have been there if there werent so many visitors cars in stalls that rightfully belong to me since I pay rent there. The boot and tow nazi's need to leave us alone in our own parking lots. But I'm not done! I'm also sick of coming gome at 2am or 3am with nowhere to park. It makes me feel good to see 5 or 10 cars booted, they're in stalls I could be in! So I think the boot/tow guys should leave us alone in our own apartment complexes, and the anti-boot/tow bandwagon followers should pipe down and let the booters keep fear in the unwanted guests who are stealing my parking stalls.
And is it christlike to call handycapped people "it"? That was pretty hypocritical.

Wow! I dont think I have

Wow! I dont think I have any sort of advantage over you by saying I know who you are, I just think it's funny. You're nice to me now... if you find out where I work you'll treat me like crap. Can you say two faced?
Anyway I just wanted to hear your answer for that question, and maybe express some of my views. I just want to keep our clients happy, and according to them we are very ethical. Otherwise they'd probably fire us and, in your words "hire a company with a better reputation than UPE, and work diligently to get the system changed."
Thanks for your time. Jesus says love everyone, so... I love you. And yes, before you attack that statement, it IS possible to think someone is two faced and still love them.