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Anti Frisbee Coalition

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I wonder how many people have gotten hit by frisbees over by the testing center. Those kids are crazy.

Frisbees are cool, and totally acceptable when they're not killing people. Why do we let these frisbee kids throw these things around on campus... no wait, why would any of them want to?

Either way there's plenty of other places to throw frsibees, they need to get the heck off of the campus and into a park.

Have you been hit by a

Have you been hit by a frisbee or something? I love playing disc golf over in that park towards Springville, Bicenteniall or something like that.

I have been hit 3 or 4 times.

Frisbee Golf is a great sport! Even ultimate frisbee is great too! But is only great when done under proper authority and supervision! Why do these people have to throw frisbees outside the testing center while others try and study?

i'm awesome

I love frisbee and I'm awesome at it. Everybody needs to see my skills. If you get hit, I'm sorry. That's the price of awesomeness.

You've been hit three or

You've been hit three or four times? Same place? Same guys throwing it around?

Man I've been here three years and I don't even remember seeing people tossing a frisbee around over by the testing center. You've got some terrible luck!