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Starving Students?

I am sick and tired of being held up by the starving students salespeople. If they think their rudeness or persistence will get them a sale, they've got it wrong. I've even heard they've resorted to knocking doors at 9:00 PM! Are they trying to irritate the student body into buying their discount cards?

I might even consider buying a card if it weren't being shoved in my face every time I turn a corner. Are the cards such a bad deal they can only sell them by force? When are they going to lighten up?

My roommate last semester

My roommate last semester was in charge of all starving student card sales in Provo. That's why I moved out.

And no... I didn't buy a card.

Those cards are a farce. I

Those cards are a farce. I bought two of them, in two consecutive years. I found that half of the "good deals," weren't even honored. I remember going to three or four different places, pulling out the starving student card, and then hearing, "Actually, they messed up, it's isn't 50% off the second purchase, it's 5%," or something to that effect.

Discounts for free - Club Eat!

Forget Starving Student cards, we are in the process right now of ousting the starving student card industry by doing it for free via a new BYU club that will be launching soon (as soon as we finalize soliciting all the deals around the valley). The concept is simple - it's the perks of starving student cards without the hassle of lugging around the card, and did I mention it's free? We will have digital vouchers that club members can print out and redeem at their favorite restaurants and the whole interface will be available at: - you are free to check it out right now although the offers are not yet finalized. Save your money and forget the starving student card, join Club Eat today!