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UTA bus passes

So now that BYU has cancelled the UTA bus passes, one can definitely expect the air pollution to rise in Provo, especially in winter with deadly inversions.

Although the university has provided a means of getting the bus pass at a discount, it is different from having a free pass. Although the cost of the passes are reasonable, I would think twice about spending that $60 for the annual pass. On the other hand if it was free, I wouldn't think twice before using the bus to get to campus.

So where does one draw the line? Should the university and the city promote use of the public transportation, or keep the tuition costs low by not giving the free pass? Its a tough call, but for some reason I don't agree with the BYU survey where they found that not everyone was using it as much as expected. I don't think they have seen the buses in Winter season during the rush hour 8am or 6pm. They were packed.

On the lighter note, I guess it will force me to walk to campus, which is a good excercise. :)

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Don't forget

They also made parking passes free! I saw a poster at the Morris Center announcing the changes and I almost fell over.
Ok, BYU may be slow to progress, but taking this backward leap?
More and more I'm thinking that BYU is not only a sadly misguided school, but a bad place. My wife and I have decided
that we will help pay for our kids college unless they go to BYU. If they go there they are on their own.

Some Seriously Sneeky Swindling

I thought it was downright stupid that the people who didnt even use the bus passes had to pay for them! the rise in parking pass prices went to compensate for the free bus fares. Makes sense that the people who need to ride the bus hafta pay for it. (There's your sign . . .) I was mad at that from the beginning and byu has finally redeemed themselves.

I say the next step BYU should take to ensure student happiness is to now make the sporting events free. imagine----- school spirit returning to byu.

Right answer, wrong problem

Apparently the free bus passes were being used by the wrong demographic --the people who would rather ride the bus than walk. However, the problem they were trying to fix was that of parking in surrounding neighborhoods. There were far more people who'd rather drive than ride the bus, even if it meant parking in a different zip code. The environmental issues were ancillary to keeping the resident Provo-ites happy.

In other words, bend over and willfully accept a parking space at the Marriott Center in exchange for your bus pass.


Mephibosheth says: There were far more people who'd rather drive than ride the bus, even if it meant parking in a different zip code.

This is exactly what defeated the purposes of the free UTA bus pass.

I may be weird, but I loved being able to walk 2 blocks to catch a bus that would drop me off at the Wilk--for free! Then, no matter which end of campus I was at, I could catch another one to take me home. I never had to worry about parking By Lavell Edwards Stadium for $60. And when gas shot up to 2.50 a gallon, I was even happier. I parked my car and never look at it again until I graduated. I'm sorry more people did not feel the way I did. Especially since most of the time I rode the bus- 4 to 5 times a day 6 days a week- it was nearly empty. It was only close to crowded if it was pulling into campus around 8:00, and everyone was taking the last possible bus to get to class on-time. And hey, they were lucky enough not to have to circle the parking lots feeling stupid and cheated looking for a space, wishing they were on a scooter so they could take one of the bazillion empty motorcycle spots two feet from every building....

And despite all the complaints, BYU's parking and transportation situation is an entire era of human history ahead of my current school's. Here, you pay nearly $100 a semester. Then, you get to park so far away that you subsequently have to catch another bus to get near your class--not hyperbole. And the lots don't open until 8:00 pm. So, yeah, I dream about the days of BYU and free Bus passes.

stupid policy

Now everyone got a parking permit even who always walk to the campus before. Really a nightmare for looking for a parking lot after 9:30, even if I have a graduate permits. I doubt if the manager of traffic office at BYU actually do a survey or know the situation.


I think this is a valid argument from the point of view that people should not have to pay for the services targeting a group to which they do not belong. However, deeper policy issues cause last year's practice to make sense: Reducing campus parking gridlock, alleviating surrounding area traffic, and giving the environment an albeit small break. Aside from that, a greater number of people using public transportation reduces fuel consumption--something that should be concerning all of us at this time.

Although students who drive to school may resent paying for bus-riders' free pass, the above factors seem to heavily offset that. That is especially true since they are in no way barred from participating in the service which they help fund.

You've got it reversed.

You've got it reversed. Human history is moving away from personal automobiles, not toward them. Sounds like you have the future confused witht he 50's. The expenses associated with driving should be a reflection of the environmental and social cost they create.
That's the way the things are moving - finally!

Not exactly

The primary reason for raising parking passes was to ease the parking problem. If you were here a few years ago you'd remember the never-ending complaints about parking on campus. When you raise the cost, most of the students that live a block or two from campus stop buying parking permits and stop conjesting the Y lots. The bus passes were added to help the people that live further away.

That fact that the bus passes where funded by parking permits is irrelevant. The permits weren't raised to fund the bus, they were raised to lower the number of students parking on campus.

If BYU couldn't afford free bus passes they should have started selling them without making parking free. I predict that we'll start hearing more complaints about campus parking again.

Agreed. The students

Agreed. The students driving cars shouldn't be targeted to pay for the bus passes of the non-drivers, but I think part of the idea was to keep so many people from driving when they could ride the bus. Kind of like, "Hey here's a free bus pass, why bother paying for a Y sticker?" But even with all the moaning, people still paid for them, and the parking lots were still a mess, and the bus systems were even more crowded because a lot of people (like myself) who had been walking to campus now had a free ride.

But giving out free Y stickers seems stupid. We still have a congestion problem. This is just going to make it worse. I don't have a problem with paying $60 for a year long pass, but I don't think giving away free Y stickers is going to do anything.

Plus, if the stickers are free, there will doubtless be way fewer tickets given out, and if that happens, then where is BYU going to make up for the lost revenue?

This is kind of like the "security threat," that raised the cost of all-sports passes and banned bringing drinking water to the 4 hour games (but no worries, you can buy a bottle for just three dollars in the stadium!)

What it comes down to is that BYU doesn't think things through. And now that I'm an office monkey working for BYU, I see it even more. You wouldn't believe the ridiculous rules and guidelines (a.k.a. only the president and VP are allowed to have solid wood desks). A lot of decisions are made in Salt Lake, believe it or not.

I, too, will help my kids pay for college unless they are coming to BYU.

Hey, did any of you know that I came to BYU for a girl, who dumped me the week I was accepted? That was pretty much the basis for choosing BYU. Oh well. All's well that ends well.