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Four found dead in Provo cave

The Daily Herald
PROVO, Utah — Two women and two men were found dead in a narrow, underwater passageway that led to a chamber in a spring-fed cave on a hillside above Provo, officials said Thursday.

Police were working to identify the people, ages 18 to 28, and notify relatives, said Karen Mayne, a spokeswoman for the Provo Police Department.

“We believe they’d already been into the cavern and were on their way out when something went wrong,” said Lt. Dave Bennett of the Utah County sheriff’s office search and rescue team.

What a tragedy. Does anybody know the names of the victims?

Had you guys ever heard of this cave before? The article mentions that it's 400 yards southwest of the "Y".

As an aside, I've always thought it's strange the way group social pressure is powerful enough to get people to take these kinds of risks. When we see our friends considering something like this, we somehow get deceived into thinking that it isn't really dangerous.

Provo Cave Tragedy - Names of Victims

Scott Macdonald, 28 - Provo
Blake Donner, 24 – Springville
Jennifer Gailbraith, 21 – Pleasant Grove
Ariel Singer, 18 – Orem

sl trib article

Tribune article on the incident

although i didn't know these

although i didn't know these people directly, i have very close friends who were very close to blake and jen. i've seen blake's band, parallax, play at least a dozen times, and he was a very respected musician and friend among many local musicians.

So to all the people I heard

So to all the people I heard make stupid comments about these people probably being drunk or stoned:

PROVO, Utah (AP) -- There were no traces of drugs or alcohol in the bodies of the two women and two men who drowned last month inside an underground waterway in a cave on Provo Mountain, police said.

A final report from the state medical examiner's office showed that J. Blake Donner, 24, of Springville; Scott K. McDonald, 28, of Provo; Jennifer Lynn Galbraith, 21, of Pleasant Grove; and Ariel R. Singer, 18, of Orem, all died from accidental drowning, police Detective Hiatt Bean said.