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President Bush coming to Utah
Terry Schow, director of the state's Division of Veterans Affairs, said Bush will fly into Salt Lake City on Monday, Aug. 22, to attend the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars convention at the Salt Palace Convention Center, which will run Aug. 20-25.

The visit will be Bush's second visit to the Beehive State since he was elected in 2000. Bush made his first stopover during the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Thanks for the heads up!

If we buy some tomatoes now, they'll be ready by then.


provojoe has openly threatened to attack President Bush with tomatoes...
i am saying this to warn him and any other thinking of the same thing that

1 there will be lots of republicans out to see bush (and many republicans -especially in utah- carry guns)

2 republicans aren't afraid of using pre-emptive attacks in their own defense...and seeing as you have threatened to be a pest already...

3 hitting George W. Bush with a tomato won't do a world of good to anyone who throws it at him (the next morning the thrower will be in jail and Dubya will still be president)

the only problem with this

the only problem with this is that they were eventually let out of jail

How to go to jail

"(the next morning the thrower will be in jail and Dubya will still be president)"

You don't have to throw to get put in jail around Bush. Just ask 2,000 peacefully demonstrating New Yorkers and visitors to New York where they spent the night when Bush was in town for the RNC.


Because throwing stuff at people gathered to pay respect to those that have served in war is cool?

An aside, what about all of those poor folks that have served in local wars? Do they get their own convention?