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Anti-Mormon Google ads

[Editor's note: I figured I'd post this just for kicks.]

Did you ever notice the google adsense ads on the right of the page. I know the Webmaster likes to make money off of us visitors, but is leading people to Anti-mormon websites the right way. I think this site should stay away from linking to such biased information. What do you guys think?

P.S. Just to make the ads more interesting, Pornography, Terrorists, Make money at home.

anti ads

Occasionally someone complains like this about an anti-mormon ad that google is piping into the website. I think now would be a good time to explain that it's google that picks which ads are shown on this site, not me. And they do so automatically, based on the keywords found in the page on which the ads are being displayed.

I do have the ability to block specific ads, but I have to do it on a one-at-a-time basis. So, specific anti ads will get through until i notice them and have them blocked.

Instead of trying to publicly imply that I'm purposely leading people to anti sites, you can best help out by emailing me at with a link to the URL of the ad in question, so that I can block it. (Which is actually what most people do ... This guy's the exception.)

Also, I barely make anything off of this site's ads. What I do make doesn't even come close to covering my costs of running it, but they at least pay for a small portion of it. Luckily, this site doesn't cost all that much to keep running in the first place, so in the end I'm not out all that much.

Don't block! Click them!!

I think it would be much better for everyone to click on the Anti-Mormon ads, rather than hide them from view. Two things will happen every single time that we click:

(1) Mason makes money.

(2) Anti-Mormon people have to pay money (roughly 50% to Google, 50% to Mason).

It's a great deal! :)

lead yourself astray

I run two online sites where I run google ads. Those things really don't make very much money. Very very little actually. When I mean very little I mean I doubt mason makes much more than a few dollars a week (if you make more Mason - props to you!) I run them more for SEO as I've heard they can help you with Yahoo and other search engines. (but what would I know) - Anyway, if people click on the anti ads then thats their deal. They are just leading themselves away. I don't think we can point this on Mason.

I just screened out the two

I just screened out the two anti ads i've seen ... it may take a few hours before it actually takes effect though.

List of ads?

Hey, I know this was written forever ago, but I was just searching to see if anyone had already made a list of anti url's to block, and wondered if you'd be willing to copy the ones you have blocked and post them for the benefit of others (like me) brand new to adsense. So we don't have to wait for them to show up on the site in order to block them.