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LDS podcast suggestions?

I am familiar with LDS Voices (great podcast of LDS talks) and The Cricket & Seagull Fireside Chat (Steven Kapp Perry's monthly podcast). Are you aware of any other LDS podcasts? My iPod needs to be fed, and it prefers to be fed automatically without me having to go out and actually find stuff.

These guys are friends of mine here in Provo. A few weeks ago they started this podcast, and it has since gained some listeners.

It's on iTunes ( search for lds, mormon, or provo)
and myspace ( )
or their website ( )

anyway, you asked and received!


sunstone online has most of

sunstone online has most of their previous symposium presentations available free as mp3s. there is a little bit of something for everyone there.

not quite podcasts, but good for ipods nonetheless

check out mine.

You can check out my podcast. It isn't way LDS themed or anything, but I'm Mormon, so that stuff slips in there.

Two more podcasts.

Here are two more LDS themed podcasts.

One is by a former BYU musical theater student, and can be found at and there are nine episodes as of the date of this posting, which is belated as it is. Most come in at roughly 45 minutes.

There is a 'limited run' podcast for the filming of 'American Mormons in Europe' that had five short episodes. That can be found at .

I should note that BYU Radio is putting up roughly one-minute news podcasts daily, but you can listen to them online and be done with it without having to download them. Those are at

Custom Scripture Podcasts

You can create yourself a podcast of the scriptures (BoM, D&C, General Conference) over at You can specify the rate at which you would like to listen to the scriptures, and it will feed chapters out to you at that rate.

Great stuff! Thanks, Tyler.

Great stuff! Thanks, Tyler.

New Mormon Podcast

Ok, this is my shameless self promotion, I started a Video Podcast Its called MormonCast
you can find us on iTunes, and at I think I've got the First Video Mormon Podcast out so Enjoy, and let me know what you think or what you would like to see added to the show!


Weekly LDS Podcast

Hi, I notice in the initial post here it gives an incorrect link to my podcast. The correct URL is Also, it lists it as a monthly podcast when it is, in fact, a weekly podcast.


Best to you,

Steven Kapp Perry

My wife and I have one

My wife and I are a podcast team on Popcorn and Podcasting. We talk about dating, marriage, and various other LDS topics, sharing talks and quotes by leaders of the church. It will soon be available on iTunes - we'll let you know as soon as that's available. It should be any day now.

all the episodes up until about a week ago are at

LDS Podcast

Search iTunes for "Two Masters Media Project"