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BYU's free mp3 speech archive

I discovered an awesome site Wednesday night:

They've made mp3's available of speeches given at BYU all the way back to 1949. (Here's one from 1950 by President George Albert Smith!)

You can browse the talks by speaker, topic, or year. Here's a 2001 talk by Elder Bednar before being ordained to the apostleship, and Here's Elder Holland's famous "Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments" talk from 1988.

So far I've mostly been listening to talks by Elder Maxwell. The Inexhaustible Gospel, Free to Choose?, A Choice Seer, and Patience--an absolutely amazing talk.

You can also get them in HTML / PDF formats for free. I wish I would have known about this earlier. It's a great resource.

I love this site! I try to

I love this site! I try to listen to at least one talk a week, before I go to church.

What's up with Elder Holland's talk?

I was wondering where one can get an mp3 of Elder Holland's famous January 1988 speech,Of souls, symbols, and sacraments. Every link I've been to on the internet to this speech is dead, and the BYU devotionals page does not have a January 1988 heading. Let me know where I can get one.

Let me know if you find it.

Let me know if you find it.