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BYU Bathrooms

There is a new blog about the bathrooms/restrooms/the john/the loo/lavatories/washrooms/porcelain palaces here on the campus of BYU. Whatever you want to call them is fine, but the fact is most of us use them every and experiences can sometimes be not so great. So the point of this blog is to keep you informed about where to go with pictures, commentary and ratings. All information comes from interviews and personal visits by myself. *Pictures inside womens bathrooms coming soon*

So check back every once and a while to see if one of the bathrooms you frequent comes up, make comments on your own experiences and rate them yourself, tweet at me if there's something urgent happening; this is supposed to be interactive. And hopefully you will find where/how your on-campus bathroom experience can be the best that it can be.

(on campus you have use, the domain is blocked due to "unusually high amount of visitors for a new registration)

Funny idea

Hey you have a funny idea. Very unique, I bet lots of students will get a good laugh from this.

But just as a heads up, if your website ever does become big, you can't have BYU in your domain name. It is a trademark violation and BYU's lawyers will come and get you.


I am wondering what people are thinking when you take these pictures, wow! Thanks for not posting anything vulgar, we don't want to give BYU a bad name.