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Family Support & Treatment Center in Need of Donations

The Family Support & Treatment Center
1255 North 1200 West
Orem, UT 84057
(801) 229-1181

Holiday food drives in December are the main source of food supplies for centers such as the Family Support and Treatment Center in Orem, which is the first line of defense for children removed from their homes. However, these resources usually run very low by the beginning of fall.

Last fiscal year, the Family Support and Treatment Center had 526 children it its nursery, provided shelter care for 14 children removed from their homes, and served 127 children in the adoption and respite program. The location in Orem is the largest Family Support and Treatment Center in Utah, serving Utah, Wasatch, Summit, Juab and Millard counties. With so many regions being served, it is easy to see why donations are in such high demand.

Development Coordinator Carrie Liljenquist says that the facility sees miracle after miracle. Most often these miracles result from donation the members of the community make. For example, a woman came in one day seeking a high chair for her young child. Staff at the Family Support and Treatment Center told her that the facility usually does not receive donations like that, but said they would keep their eyes open. Only a few hours later, a couple came in with a high chair they were wondering if the center could use.

On another day, a caregiver was worried about what she would feed the children for dinner that night. Later that day, a donor brought in a large food donation, alleviating the worry over what the children would eat.

Donations are accepted all year round, but are in especially high demand right now. Food donations including canned food, box dinners, and gift certificates to grocery stores are examples of some of the things the Family Support and Treatment Center needs. A more complete listing can be found on their website.

About Family Support & Treatment Center
The Family Support & Treatment Center began in 1984 and serves the community by helping children and families build stronger and healthier relationships. While the Center's primary focus is the prevention and treatment of child abuse, other personal and family issues are also addressed.

Better strategy.

Sell all the cans, box dinners, and gift certificates and just buy black beans and rice.

It's much, much healthier, substantive, and it will cost pennies in comparison. Most countries have perfected this dish and have made it into something wonderful.

Thanks for the story, I'll be there with my supplies.