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Please Help "Now I Can" a Local Charity

"Now I Can" is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to helping disabled children reach their greatest potential. "Now I Can" has combined the most effective methods of physical therapy with the most outstanding therapy team — making our therapy unique and sought after by families across the country.

"Now I Can" was founded by a couple in Provo, Utah who travelled to Poland for intensive physical therapy for their daughter with Cerebral Palsy. After seeing the benefits of intensive therapy, the Christensen’s were determined to open a facility in the inter-mountain west so that families wouldn’t be required to travel outside the country for this effective treatment.

Help "Now I Can" by voting on the Apx gives back application on Facebook. Endorse "Now I Can" every day until August 21. Your vote could help get $100,00 to help these great kids.

Please visit and search for "Now I Can". or click on the link at! Thanks for contributing to the community!