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You can pay someone to do your cleaning check? Seriously? Hello yclean.

I consider myself a regular BYU student. I go to class, I work, I study, I try to squeeze in a little fun too. One thing I've never particularly enjoyed is cleaning checks. It's not that I like messy apartments (on the contrary, I'm actually a pretty clean person). It's just that when cleaning check time comes around, there are usually other things I would rather be doing.

My friend Brad Rees and I were talking quite some time ago and realized that there are a lot of students who feel the same way. Then we thought, why not provide this service? After months of working on this, we finally launched our cleaning business, yclean, in June. With yclean, you don't have to worry about passing your cleaning check, because it's taken care of for you.

Haven't heard of it yet? Check it out at or visit our facebook page.

In doing our market research, we found that there was actually a large section of the BYU student body that would pay for such a service. What do you think - do you fit into that crowd? Would you pay someone to clean for you? Why or why not?

Cleaning prices

Looking at the yclean website, the pricing actually seems pretty reasonable. I just might be using this service soon.


Wow! What a great idea! prices are totally affordable, this is a great service! Hey- I hear the founders of this business are pretty cute too! (Not a bad bonus!!) I will definitely be using Y-Clean!!!

Good idea

Hey, this is a good business idea. I can see students wanting to leave town early or having finals to study for and then using your services. I think you will do well with yclean. You should consider submitting your idea to the big business plan competition they have at BYU. You might get some start-up cash.