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Casting Real People for a Utah Based Reality Show: The Food Nanny (Season 2) / $1,000 Pay


We are looking for a wide assortment of “family” units in ethnically, socioeconomic and structural diversity. This could mean a group of college roommates, single parents, grandparents raising the grandchildren, or regular ol' families that need just need help getting the family together for dinner.

STORY: Dinnertime expert Liz Edmunds wants to help families turn their hectic (or nonexistent) dinner hour into a delicious, fun, and enriching family habit. She’ll evaluate current dinner scenarios and teach families strategies for a successful family dinner — including communicating, prioritizing, planning, budgeting, and of course cooking. She will help families get control of mealtime!


**VIDEO IS REQUIRED . . . and should go something like this . . .
“Hi Food Nanny! We’re the _________ family. We need your help!”
Tell us a little of your family’s story. We need you to share your “food problem” (picky eaters, can’t cook, stuck on a few recipes, want to eat healthier, whatever it may be.) Then, we need you to share your “family problem” (everyone is consumed by technology, no bonding, never eat together, over scheduled etc.) Also, we’d love you to share any family interests/hobbies that you have as well as a little video (or photo) of your home, inside and out. The video doesn’t need to be long. We just want to get a feel for your family and your story.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Submit ASAP, no later than Friday, July 2, 2010

EACH EPISODE: If your family is chosen to appear on The Food Nanny, your commitment will look something like this:

*1-2 (15-30 min) phone conversations with the director prior to filming
*1 day (possibly 1.5 days) of filming in your home with your entire family/group of roommates (based on your schedule)
*You’ll receive $1,000 as a location rental fee (for the use of your home/apt) not to mention the knowledge, tips and ideas to help improve your family’s mealtime!