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Experience and Advice for a BYU application

My name is Conner Thompson and I am a freshman in highschool. My dream is to be a student at Brigham Young University and join the great animation department there. The problem is, I'm not sure if I am on the right track concerning grades.
I finished this school year with a 3.68 GPA average. I am involved in no extra-curricular activities other than city-league baseball and boy scouts. I was selected for the Spanish Honor Award and attended the Language Fair held at the Wilkinson's Center. I am LDS and active and have lived in Utah for ten years. I'm not sure if these will help or not, but I know I should get involved in more after-school things.
Could anyone possibly predict an ending GPA I would have to get throughout the rest of my high school career?
Any extra-curricular activities I could do that fit my description?
Thank you for your help!

Good advice

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I don't know much about

I don't know much about getting into BYU but the one piece of advice I will give you is to not wait until college to get into animation. There's no reason why you can't start now - there are tons of resources and tutorials on the internet. Start a blog and post up experiments and projects that you're working on. Become involved in the online community.

Being in the Chess club or some sports team might look good on a college application, but having a portfolio and some experience as an animator will be best for being an animator.

I remember meeting with an

I remember meeting with an admissions counselor (way back in 2001) and he told me if I didn't have a 3.7 (transfer) GPA, I shouldn't even bother applying, or something to that effect.