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BYU chances

I'm not sure if people use this website to hunt this sort of advice often, but I read another article that helped a fair amount; it just wasn't specific enough.
I'm from England, I'm in my second year of college which I think is the same age as being in your last year of High School (17/18).

I do quite a few extra curricular activities, nothing extreme or majorly extraordinary. Kiickboxing is probably the most abnormal of the lot.
My Dad gave me the idea of going to BYU just a few weeks before we started the University Application process in England. Therefore loving this idea I pinned all hopes on it assuming if I didn't get in, I could apply after my mission and so on.

I'm quite naive as to what sort of things are needed to get in, I have basic information but I've learnt most through my research on the internet. Is there any advice anyone has on what I need to put in the application or what I could do about getting in a year before my mission, then continuing after? Anything would be greatly appreciated

Some advice


Here are 2 techniques to get you into BYU.

1. Normal approach - I would suggest that you apply to be a student. Do everything you can make your test scores and GPA competitive. Extra curricular activities are important but also make sure you do church related things (seminary, institute, etc...) Review the BYU application online now, even if you aren't ready to apply, you will see what they ask you.

Here are some of the things, pasted directly from my application.

Part 1: Applicant Information
Part 3: Ecclesiastical Endorsement
Part 4: Seminary/Institute Recommend
Part 5: High School Information
Part 6: Extracurricular Activities
Part 7: Student Essay & Other Information
High School Transcript
Transcript From:

2. Indirect approach - Apply to become a visiting student over the summer. It is VERY easy to get in. Than once you are down here you can get some credits at BYU and make yourself look more competitive. If you like it here you can than take classes at the BYU Salt Lake center. Also, very easy to get into. Both of these give BYU offical credit and will help your application. Once you have 30+ credits you can transfer in easily. Just keep the GPA high by taking easy classes, mission prep, religion classes, etc... Don't take anything tough till you are accepeted. If you get A's in all your classes you are accepted with a scholarship.

Best of luck.

Oh some of these ideas were modified from many opinions on another thread. Check this out: