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The NEW Joint in Town

Does anybody know anything about the new Craigo's pizza restaurant that recently opened up. I know there is one in Rexburg, ID...but I know there is one in Colorado City, AZ as well.

Which brings me to my question.

I've read a blog and heard a few rumors that this business was owned by Polygamists, but that's all it was. A blog and some rumors (can't remember where the blog is now).

I've been to Colorado City a few times for a drive while I was staying at Zion National Park and I can confirm that there is a Craigo's pizza there (best pizza in the west actually, lol. And it is operated by Polygamist Women). But I can't confirm it's the same exact business.

I'm not going to boycott or protest in front of Craigo's or anything crazy, but I may decide to not eat there if this is the case.

So does anybody know anything?

Now In-N-Out is the real restaurant i'm looking forward to! For those of you who haven't done the Cali fast food joint...well, it's gonna be the best thing coming to the valley since BYU!

I went to the Craigo's pizza

I went to the Craigo's pizza in Rexburg after a friend suggested it. I don't know about the polygamy thing, but I know that it's not the best pizza in the west. It's pretty much equivalent to Cici's, Doc's, or any of the other cheapo all-you-can eat pizza places out there. Great if you're really hungry, but not great if you're in the mood for good food.

Craigo's Pizza is...

I've eaten at both the Craigo's in Rexburg, ID and the one here in Provo. The one in Rexburg is okay, but the only reason I would go to the one here in Provo again is if I desperately wanted explosive diarrhea. It's cheap, greasy pizza. That's the thing about buffets in general, but especially pizza buffets. You get what you pay for. All you can eat for 7 dollars? They don't turn a profit by making great pizza using expensive ingredients.
As for the polygamist thing, I think that's funny. Can't confirm or deny it though.

David Wells, Master Mason

Craigo's and Polygamy

I am the owner of the Craigo's in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and the Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo. I only have one wife and four children. When we opened the place, it had been named Craigo's and was on the sign. We kept the name and opened more stores in Idaho. The guy in Colorado City was the old owner. I can't say what he practices, however, look where he lives and the dress of the employees at his stores. I will say that we try and provide the best quality of pizza, pasta, and salad for the price.